Don’t trust Ethan with cakes!!! By MyriamAziza!!!

It was New Years Eve and we still had our Christmas tree. It was so bright, My brother Ethan said the light blinded him, so we had to take down some of the lights. Then we started preparing all the food we needed to celebrate the year 2019 We did the count down to New Years Day,

12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 !!!

Happy New Year 2019 !!!!!

We were all so happy, we ate chocolates, brownies, muffins and cakes. It was all so delicious.

Well, my mum and dad and I didn’t get to eat much because Ethan ate mostly everything, but it was still as fun!!! YAY!!!

The Light by Ivie Tang

He was running through the river, in the hope that would throw the dogs away. Quill checked his pocket for the Portal Stone, he felt the stone in his pocket then sighed with relief and started the long journey home.

I could use the stone, no. The stone isn’t made for that, I better get home and get Sayana back to Strava.

Quill was determined and started walking faster through the water.

He eventually came back home and soon enough, Sayana had to go.

Sayana muttered something and the stone glowed.

The light blinded him, he stumbled backwards.


Shut Your Eyes!! By Ellie Walsh!

As the sun got brighter and brighter, I shut my eyes tightly. Screaming came from all over the garden. “SHUT YOUR EYES EVERYONE!” I shouted at everyone. But no one listened. Even with my eyes closed, I could still tell no one had listened, as I could still hear screeching and shouting. Suddenly I froze as I remembered something, MY BROTHER, JONATHAN!

I quickly opened my eyes and saw him dead-like on the floor beside me, his eyes white, and so pale.

I froze, started to tear up, shut my eyes and held his hand tightly. The light  blinded him..

Christmas Day By Caelan

It was Christmas day and I woke up at 9am in excitement to see if Santa left presents under the tree. “MUM, DAD wake up its Christmas”. I ran downstairs, looked under the tree and saw loads of presents. As I got closer I noticed that one of the presents was moving and not only was it moving I could hear a muffled sound inside. I opened the lid and could not believe my eyes…..”it was a Puppy! I lifted her out and gave her a cuddle, she was the most beautiful dog I’d ever seen. Her name is Rexie!

Magic Decorations by Max

This Christmas when my family had bought a new Christmas tree, we put it up and prepared to decorate it. I volunteered to get the decorations from the attic. So I ran up the stairs and climbed into the attic. When I switched on the light I saw an empty box labeled CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS. I looked in the box and then I got a call from down stairs “MAX!!!” shouted my brother.  I ran down the stairs and saw the Christmas tree with all the decorations on it “HOW” I said ” I don’t know ” said  my brother “magic” I said.

Secret Santa! By Ellie!

It’s time for secret santa!” my teacher  said. The whole class went and grabbed their presents

As we all went back to our seats we were told our table was going first. So we did.

Soon after, everyone was done. “Wait what about me!?” Laura said. “Oh yes you do yours,” said our teacher. A huge nasty smile came across her face as she reached into her bag. She grabbed the present and gave it to me. I opened it. All of a sudden a huge eye, bauble and holly came flying out and were flying in mid air!


The weird krampus dream by Rehan

As I was running trying to get away from this creature I found a small cabin. When I went in I saw a dead deer, I was scared I had no option but to hide there. Then I heard a gruesome sound of something dying, I was scared I thought I was gonna die. Then I saw a knife I picked it up just in case then I heard a foot step coming closer towards me. I heard another thing, when I looked through this hole I saw two demon looking things but they were exhausted. Then something came close and saw me and threw a hook right at my head five second later… I found out I was dreaming!

First Christmas EVER!! By Maaike

I remember my first Christmas, it was amazing!! With all the decorations and joy, it was just magical. I can remember seeing the Christmas tree all lit up. I loved it.

On Christmas day I remember seeing all the presents under the Christmas tree. But one really stood out. It was an orangey colour with yellow polka dots. It was shining and it was beautiful.

That year I got 3 Barbie dolls and a Barbie house. I thought I would have these for ever. But it turned out that I had them for a year or two before the dog chewed the dolls heads off.

The Christmas museum By Nicky

Its nearly Christmas and its our last week of school before the holidays.Yesterday we went to a Christmas museum and when we walked in we saw a Santa statue.The tour guide brought us into a room and it had Christmas art all over the place; first we saw a mini sculpture of Santa and then we saw a mini village in the North Pole with Santa on his sleigh with his elves. We saw lots of Christmas paintings but one I think really stood out. It had a gift, an eye a ribbon and an ornament.After we watched a movie!

The art gallery by Ultan

“Seven days until Christmas!!!” screamed Andy as he woke up. His mum came up the stairs and told him that he was going to an art gallery. Andy is big into art so this is a big deal for him.”When are we going?” Andy asked mum.”At two o’clock” mum said.

Later on that day Andy arrived at the gallery. There are so much cool paintings and sculpture. One painting was very odd. It had a  blue ball, a present, and an eye. It was Andy’s sort of style of art.

Andy became a professional artist later on in his life.