The parade by Ultan

Today is going to be great. Grandma is bringing me to a parade! I’m not sure what will be happening but it sounds super cool! After Mum and Dad leave for work Grandma will bring me into town to see the parade.

Mum and Dad have left for their work so we’ll be leaving any minute now. We’re on our way to the parade now and I’m super excited!

When Grandma and I arrived at the parade we saw these people dressed in different colours. They were very strange but cool. After the parade we went for dinner!      THE END.

Chess by Isaac

Isaac (the author) was walking with his friends Lucy, Richmon and Ivie when Isaac seeing a squirrel ran into the bushes to chase after it. Isaac discovers strange statues and runs to his friends to tell them about it. Lucy is a bit sceptical but they ran into the bushes to inspect the statues. They were pretty cool until a giant chess board appeared. “Run!” said Isaac and he ran to the edge and fell over into the bushes. “Do you know how to play giant chess?” said Ivie. “Nope!” Said Richmon. “Cool we’re leaving” said Lucy. The End!

In Awe… by Lucy C

The Harbour, opera house and the sandy beaches. Sydney really was the best place in the world. We had done everything that people would have assumed. But then, out of nowhere, these people dressed in rainbow colours came towards us. The palm trees swaying in the wind, we were in awe at how perfect and amazing they were. I didn’t know what they were or who they were, but none of us really cared. We decided to go to our hotel, as our legs hurt for standing for too long. Then, all of a sudden, they disappeared into thin air…

The Guardian Angel by Ivie

Hi! I’m Nova and I’m a Guardian Angel! I choose a host and a protect them from harm. I chose my host a couple days ago, and so far, he’s doing pretty well!

His name is Nathan and he lives in a village called Viola. It has their own culture and it’s rad! So Ivie let me take the reins today for the prompt!

They have these statues that protect the village against ambushes. They come to life when the village is under attack! It’s pretty darn cool! Nathan has a odd obsession with them and usually gets in trouble!




The lad that scared the life out of me!!!By MyriamAziza!!!

“I was walkin’down the streets of Ballymount, minding me own business,when this lad came over on a bike screaming at the top of his lungs.”

“This lad scared the life out of me”my grandma continued.

“He came around the corner,I didn’t know what he was runnin’from,but it didn’t look good”

“I looked back tryin’ to see what in the name of god was chasin’after me, but all I could see was dark shadows, they didn’t seem to be movin’but I wasn’t gonna risk anything. I went around the corner and,  what seemed to be chasin’ me,were a crowd of statues.


Don’t trust Ethan with cakes!!! By MyriamAziza!!!

It was New Years Eve and we still had our Christmas tree. It was so bright, My brother Ethan said the light blinded him, so we had to take down some of the lights. Then we started preparing all the food we needed to celebrate the year 2019 We did the count down to New Years Day,

12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 !!!

Happy New Year 2019 !!!!!

We were all so happy, we ate chocolates, brownies, muffins and cakes. It was all so delicious.

Well, my mum and dad and I didn’t get to eat much because Ethan ate mostly everything, but it was still as fun!!! YAY!!!

The Light by Ivie Tang

He was running through the river, in the hope that would throw the dogs away. Quill checked his pocket for the Portal Stone, he felt the stone in his pocket then sighed with relief and started the long journey home.

I could use the stone, no. The stone isn’t made for that, I better get home and get Sayana back to Strava.

Quill was determined and started walking faster through the water.

He eventually came back home and soon enough, Sayana had to go.

Sayana muttered something and the stone glowed.

The light blinded him, he stumbled backwards.


Shut Your Eyes!! By Ellie Walsh!

As the sun got brighter and brighter, I shut my eyes tightly. Screaming came from all over the garden. “SHUT YOUR EYES EVERYONE!” I shouted at everyone. But no one listened. Even with my eyes closed, I could still tell no one had listened, as I could still hear screeching and shouting. Suddenly I froze as I remembered something, MY BROTHER, JONATHAN!

I quickly opened my eyes and saw him dead-like on the floor beside me, his eyes white, and so pale.

I froze, started to tear up, shut my eyes and held his hand tightly. The light  blinded him..