Too Sharp By Abigail

Hi my name is Sophie. I live in a small house with my three brothers and Mum and Dad. My brothers are so annoying and mess all the time. One day My Mum, Dad, brothers and I were going out for lunch in this really fancy restaurant. The restaurant had lovely leather chairs and fluffy pillows. There were really big chandeliers as well. I had delicious chicken and chips. I felt the chips were rather bland so I put some vinegar on them, but the  vinegar was too sharp. I spat the chip out but everyone started glaring at me.

VINEGAR!? By Karen

I was downstairs eating my yummy breakfast as usual. Today I was eating some choco chip bread and a small mug full of warm milk. My dad was drinking Coffee and was reading the newspaper that was delivered to our house about three minutes ago. Then my dad put his newspaper on the table and asked me for the vinegar. I passed him the vinegar ,which he put into  his cup of coffee!!!! Then he drank the coffee until the cup was empty!! ”Was it nice ?” I asked him. “Well, the vinegar was too sharp!”
“The vinegar was sharp!?”

Killer Vinegar By Senan

It was a normal Sunday and me and two friends were going to McDonalds. We arrived into the queue and decided to order some milkshakes and chips! After we got our food and we tasted it. The vinegar was too sharp! It literally cut our mouths and we were losing blood fast! My friend Daniel passed out, we really started to panic. Everyone else had the same problem too. It turns out most of us survived in the end but with permanent scars on our tongue. Since I am a solicitor I was able to sue them. No more vinegar.😢😢😢

Outdated! By Zita!

I was eating my lasagna and chips when I noticed my chips tasted a little… Plain. I excused myself from the dinner table and went to check the cupboard for something to spice them up.’Perhaps some barbecue sauce or ketchup!’ I thought to myself as I positioned the stool underneath the cupboard. At the very back I found a very dusty bottle of vinegar, most things in our house were dusty so I didn’t question it.  I poured it all over my chips and began to eat. The vinegar was too sharp! I checked the expiry date. ’26 of March 1999!’ ‘Ewww!’

Amos, Amos! — By Sophia

Amos was a boisterous and arrogant boy who loved chips. He went down to the fast-food takeout called ‘Abra-Kebabra’ ,and ordered one bag of extra large, extra vinegar chips. He then went home, took out a DVD called Thor Ragnarok and settled onto the sofa. The movie was just beginning to get into the action, so Amos took out a few chips and gobbled them with anticipation. “AAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!” he yelled, jumping up and spilling the chips. The vinegar was too sharp! “FIRE! FIRE IN THE HOLD!” he hollered, while looking for the glass of water he put down.

The End!

This Isn’t Right… by Lucy C

“Can I go to the shop?” I asked my Mom. “Okay, get your coat and take €5 with you!” Then, I headed out the door and over to Tesco. “Oh, a special offer on Pringles!” I said. So I picked them up and brought them to the till. Then, for no reason, the lady gave me a strange look… “Can I eat my Pringles now?” I asked my Mom. “Sure!” she said. I opened the pack, and I took one out, but putting one in my mouth was a mistake. The salt was too strong and the vinegar was too sharp…

‘What a bad dare!’ – by Lucy S

It was a cold, misty November evening. Annie and her cousin, Gabby, were walking to Tesco, to buy ingredients for brownies. When Gabby began to speak, ‘Hey Annie, I dare you to take that vinegar from the shelf and chug it!’ Annie glanced over at the vinegar and slightly nodded her head when she slowly walked to the shelf. She opened the cap and started to drink it, she began to cough like crazy, the vinegar was too sharp! ‘Are you okay, Annie?’ Gabby chuckled. ‘I’m fine.’ she spoke in between coughs, what a bad dare, but what a funny memory.

time to prank my friend By Nicky

My friend has been pranking me too much so I decided to prank him. We were at the chipper and my friend had to go to the bathroom so I got his packet of chips and put the whole bottle of vinegar in it. When he came back he ate a chip and then he shouted “OMG the vinegar is too sharp”and  I said “oh I hate it when they put it all on one chip”. He was so mad when I told him it was a prank, but I knew he was going to prank me back. Oh no!

Vile Restaurant By Uisneagh

I’m  feeling very bored. Well, so, I decided to write this story down. I was going to eat my dinner at this vile restaurant and the food there was repulsive and disgusting. For no reason, I had to go there so my mum and I went to the restaurant in our Golf. When we got there we waited for a while because the service was horrible. When the waiter finally arrived  I ordered chips and my mom did the same. When we got the food it was gross so I put vinegar on it but the vinegar was too sharp…

Talk ’bout GROSS!!!!!By MyriamAziza!!!

I was walking down the road looking at shops as I passed by, when I noticed a chip shop, I had never seen it before so I went to check it out. There was a long queue. I waited in line for about five minutes, when it was my turn to order, I ordered some fish fingers and some chips. Since the fish was too hot to eat, I decided to try a chip.The minute I tasted the horrible, sour taste, I spat it out, the vinegar was too sharp. I looked around and saw that everyone else was doing the same thing. Talk about GROSS!