We have just arrived at Sydney, Walk Way. This place looks amazing, there is the Sydney Opera House and over there is a beautiful lake!! But  there is one thing that stands out to me the most. Over there is a bunch of colorful  statues,  I want to go see.

Ok, so I went to go see all those statues and when I touched the statue and it started to MOVE!! Now all them are running around fighting each other! I don’t know what to do! HUH!!! ONE IS RUNNING TOWARDS ME WITH A KNIFE AND A SWORD!! PLEASE HELP ME!!

The infection by Cameron Hall.

One morning Alexa was watching television when a panicked man burst on he said that the world is danger because of a dangerous disease that’s spreading across Australia behind him were people freezing and turning into colored  statues randomly every one was frantically running around and then being frozen….the man quickly said there is no escape its in the air….Alexa  packed her bags as quick as a flash and got into her car putting it into 6th gear. She drove to the airport and ran to the boarding area. A man followed he looked dead he sighed into her face.

Australia By Caelan

On June 15th 2015 my family and I went to Sydney which is in Australia. We were going there to visit my grand parents and go to lovely touirst. When we got to my grand parents house we did not want to waist time so we went straight to the beach. When we got to the beach we were amazed because we saw loads of statues that looked like an army of people from China. It was really cool though so me and my brother took a picture beside them and went to the shop and got it framed. The End.

The trip to Sydney By Karen

                                                                     Dear:  Lilly

Hello Lilly! I am in Sydney ! I wish you where !  My family and I went around the city and saw lots of amazing things ! We even saw  a baby Kangaroo and a Koala at the Sydney zoo, but the best of all was the beach.  I swam with the wild dolphins! It was really fun. When I went to get a ice cream I saw lots of colorful soldiers! I asked my parents what they where for but they had no clue! The soldiers where made out of stones . I will send You a Picture of it!


the manikins of death by Joshua :3

They stare in your eyes and wait for you to blink then  when you do blink the come closer AND CLOSER . Then if they get you the make you blind then MAKE YOU ONE OF THEM. So I was  a lit til boy well i am still 11 but that not the point so I was in the woods on a Holiday and then a  I saw a manikin in the dis tins a shiny manikin it was red and blue and yellow and white….. the i ran back to the hotel  and then when i looked out side it was gone end .

The Awesome Opera House By Max

My family and I were in Sydney Australia. We were going to see the Sydney opera house when we bumped into some big plastic figures. At first I thought they were giant Lego figures, but on closer inspection I realised that they were people from the terracotta army but made out of plastic. My brother and I started playing with the figures, but soon enough we had to go and see the Sydney opera house. I’ll never forget those colourful men so when I have my own children I’ll be sure to bring them there and let them play too. 

THE RED HEADS by Uisneagh

I was walking around my house and began to feel boredom so I switched on the news on the TV, they were talking about statue things that had red heads and had appeared out of nowhere. ……… I got bored of that so I stared out the window in my room and saw them, those Red Heads they were  in a line all the way to my front door. Was this a joke??? Or was it evil Red Heads trying to grab me. They turned and stared at me …………  Goodbye weird things. They just disappeared as  quickly as they appeared.  Odd

Attack Of The Blobs By Senan

One day I was strolling down my road to go to the shops. As I turned the corner I found a bunch of plastic figures walking towards me. A man walked straight ahead of me ignoring the figures because he was on his phone playing Minecraft . The leading figure grabbed him by the neck a threw him on the ground. Suddenly they broke into a sprint towards me. I ran as fast as I could trying to get away from them, never mind groceries my life is at stake here! In the ally way I tripped and fell. I’m surrounded.

‘Lunch Period’ by Zita :D

‘She did hide behind the blanket but how could she just disappear?’

‘He did hide behind the blanket but how could she just disappear?’

‘They did hide behind the blanket but how could she just disappear?’

‘Them did hide behin-‘  ‘Oh no.. no-no-no that’s not right! Ugh I simply cannot concentrate properly with all of this noise! I’ll never get my homework done with this noise distracting me!’ I exclaimed clearly in distress but not a single person in the yard heard me! ‘My English homework won’t do itself and English is right after lunch period!’  I exclaimed yet again!

Don’t always Believe What You Hear… – By Lucy S

Mrs. Smith had been telling us a story about ancient statues. Citizens thought they were actually frozen people.

‘I have arranged to send our class to see the statues we have been learning about!’ The teacher declared. The children screeched in excitement. As the children glanced around the area, they sat themselves on the floor, when Mrs Smith started to talk about the statues. When the children scanned all the bright colored statues, standing in a straight line…

‘Ms. Smith? Are these real people?’ asked a student.

‘I guess we’ll never know!’ answered the teacher. Until the student saw one of them blink…