The statues By Nicky

My family and I  went on a trip. We saw lots of cool destinations and we took lots of pictures. The last day really surprised me when we got to the last place that we would visit there were lots of statues and they were all different colors like red,yellow,blue,purple,green and white. It was really strange and when we got back we showed the pictures to our friends and they couldn’t believe it and they also said that it was very strange and that they’d never seen anything like it. That was one of the weirdest holidays in the world.

The mystery of the rainbow soldiers -By Sophia

Candy City.

“Hear ye, hear ye.” a man shouted in the square. “Your majesty the Kandy King has declared a celebration. He has now discovered that the Liquorice Queen has surrendered, and war shall be no more!” The crowd that had gathered cheered, but it was too easy…

That night, as the rainbow townsfolk chattered at the celebration, a cloaked figure was present. The figure threw back its hood. “You will be frozen in time, in an unfamiliar place, FOREVER!” it said. Candy soldiers hurried forward, but they suddenly stopped, and were thrown into a portal, leading to planet Earth…

Frozen Solid By Abigail!

Hi  I’m Emily. I live in a small village. There is lots of people crammed in. I woke up one morning to rays of beautiful sunshine. My dog jumped up on to my bed. I took him down the street but something caught my eye. There was a crowd of people that were all different colours. They were all frozen not the slightest movement. I thought it might’ve been an exhibition as people were examining the people that were still. My dog started tugging on the lead. I wondered why those statues were in the park as I walked home.

The colourful Figures By Finn

I was going to the beach, we had just left home. We we’re about five minutes away. The sun was blazing down, it was the perfect day for the beach. Eventully, we arrived, there was thousands of people there, maybe more. I got out of the car. I saw really weird colourful figures. Suddenly, they came alive. But they we’re angry. My mum and dad had already gone down to the beach for a swim. I Ran down the street and hid behind a bin. They came around and found me. Then they hugged me.’We needed a hug’.’What the……..’



Freeze! Ellie Walsh!

The soldiers started saluting to their chief. They kept doing it until the cheif said”YES SIR” and they all repeated. They were all giggling and smiling, trying not to laugh. “STOP THAT” The chief shouted at the people  giggling. Suddenly he grabbed something out of his pocket and aimed it at them.

Suddenly all the soldiers started turning red, blue, yellow and white. “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” One of the soldiers said. “We’re sorry!” another said. “NO CHIEF!” Everyone started saying. Suddenly they all froze and couldn’t move anymore. “Hmm, that’s what you get.” The chief said, quite proud of himself.