The black eggs by Karen

I was sitting on a old chair when I woke up from my horrible dream. There was a pile of washed dishes infront of me, where I’m I? Suddently a horrible looking woman was standing infront of me.She was flickering her long fringe and was grining at me.I was terified . This woman was the woman that had been in his dream , what was going to happen to him? Then the woman said “Eat the black Eggs beside you…. And give me the sells.” I frozed on the spot, I didnt know what to do. I streched out my hand to get the Eggs….

The Storm! By Abigail

It was a blustery day. Ava had just washed her long black hair. Ava then brushed her fringe. She got ready and went downstairs and made some yummy eggs. Ava looked at her phone and saw that a storm was coming. She got a little bit worried. Suddenly the light started flickering. Ava hastily ran upstairs and grabbed a torch out of her drawer in her bedroom. She switched it on and went back downstairs to finish her breakfast. Suddenly a tree fell down and almost smashed Ava’s window. Ava ran upstairs and hid under the covers of her bed.

The Scary Room By Ultan

One morning I came down stairs and had my breakfast straight away. Mum gave me eggs with black bits on them.”I’m not eating black eggs mum!” I told her. “Fine I’ll eat them!” Mum said. Since I didn’t eat my eggs mum made me go down to the scary room and do the laundry.

This is my least favourite job in the world! As I walked down the stairs into the basement my fringe fell over my eyes. I nearly fell!!! The clothes were washed and wet.

The light started flickering!!”AAAAHHHHH” I screamed. I sprinted up the stairs to mum!!!

Gnarly! By Isaac

Isaac found a portal machine with his friends. How they did it was when they were doing their homework when Isaacs pet rock jumped out the window needing fresh air. Isaac got his umbrella and he flew down like he was Mary Poppins and found the portal machine. Richmon turned the power on. Eggs with washed black hair with fringe. They also had flickering sunglasses which made Isaac have a seizure.Came through the Portal. Lucy trying to revive him by throwing blue berry at his face. Richmon and Ivie jumped through the portal. When they came back. They were Gnarly!

Morning Time by Lucy C

As I sat down for my daily eggs and toast yesterday morning, I saw something weird. “Eww, yuck!” The eggs were black inside! I had no idea what had happened, so I got up to have my shower instead. Then, as I washed my hair, my fringe started flickering and lighting like a disco ball! Of coarse, I didn’t  notice until I got to school and everyone was laughing at me! This was the weirdest morning ever, and it turned out that the afternoon would be the same… Then, I opened my lunchbox, there was a frog in my sandwich!

House Number Eighty-Eight… – by Lucy S

Anonymous owners had always lived in house number eighty-eight. This owner was different. Also being the most terrifying of them all…

Halloween Night, some of my friends and I went to chuck eggs at house number eighty-eight. We knocked on the door and peeked into the letter-box. Seeing lights continuously flickering. Also hearing the vague noise of clothes being washed.

I peeped into lettering box… A pale white face with a long, black fringe covering most of her forehead and piercing blue eyes that would haunt your soul… “You really shouldn’t have come here, kids…” A hoarse voice whispered through…

The Darkened Egg by Finn By Finn

One day I went to the fridge to get some eggs. One egg was black  with a long fringe.I brought the eggs over to the table in the kitchen. Suddenly their eyes opened. They looked  like they were filled with rage. I was so frightened I smashed all the eggs except the black egg. It’s eyes were flickering. I was so scared I put the egg under the sink and washed water all over it. Then the egg jumped on me and slapped me. I was so confused. Then everything went dark and….   I was only dreaming. I was relieved.

What is going on? By Ellie

Suddenly the lights started flickering. Fear washed over the boys bodies. “What is going on?!” exclaimed Rory. “I-I’m not sure” one mumbled. Suddenly Rory’s fringe started to grow and grow. “This is the second step” one of the boys mumbled. “What?!” They all shouted at him. Suddenly one of the boys tops, which was white, started going black. “This is the third step” the boy mumbled again.

Suddenly an egg cracking noise came from the corner of the room. “Oh no.. This is doom… This is the forth step” The boy said, nervous for what was going to come next..

Fringed Eggs by Uisneagh

I was walking home from my granny’s house one day, it was winter so it was dark it was almost pitch black but I could see the grass flickering in the moonlight. I was drawing eggs with faces and most of them had a fringe for no reason at all. When I got home, I washed and prepared those fringed egg beauties for munching and let my belly enjoy the fantastical fringed egg feast.  However during that same pitch black dark night my poor rumbling  belly didn’t thank me for over munching the not so fantastical fringed egg explosive feast!!!

Chores!!!By MyriamAziza!!!

I was cooking my scrambled eggs as I usually do, when I started growing a fringe, I was startled by it, nothing like this has never happened before.

Then I washed my clothes, when I took a pair of leggings out of the washing machine, it had, for some reason turned BLACK, I quickly started taking the rest of my clothes out, but it was too late, they were all RUINED, I ran up the stairs calling for my mum, but I didn’t make that far up the stairs because, suddenly the light started flickering, I was too scared to……