The Famine Eggs! By Senan

One day I was in my house washing vegetables to make dinner when I noticed that my eggs
were black and were crushed even when I slightly pressed down on them. I turned on the TV to see if anyone else was having black eggs. On the news that was all anyone 
could talk about! Loads of people were saying they were ‘Famine Eggs’. My eyes were flickering with annoyance because some very posh people (with strange fringes) were coming over for dinner. All of a sudden, a egg started cracking and sprouting legs. I grabbed my gun ready to shoot.♦♦♦

My friend pranked me By Nicky

My friend Joe is crazy, he pulled back his fringe and his eyes started flickering.After that he asked if he could wash my black jumper, I said yes for the fun and he just threw it in the sink washed it and left it there. I had to go to the bathroom. Joe’s mom doesn’t like shoes in the house so I took them off and left them by the stairs. He put two eggs in both my shoes and when I put them back on to go outside my feet were soaked in eggs and I didn’t have spares.WHY?…

The Black Eggs Hairdresser by Oscar

One day I was walking down the road looking for a hairdressers. I saw someone outside a cafe so I asked him where to find a hairdressers he said there was one down at bottom of the main street I said thank you so i went . Soon after I reached the hairdressers.I looked up at the sign it said The Black Eggs Hairdressers in big writing when I walked in I saw loads of gone of eggs sitting on the benches they asked for a fringe so the hairdresser washed there hair there hair was flickering. that day was strange.

An Eggstraordinary President. By Max

There was a black egg with an AMAZING fringe that flickered in the wind. The black egg was running for president, he made an amazing speech to all his fellow eggs He was the first black egg to ever run for president. After he made his amazing speech he went home to his egg carton and had a shower, it was a great cold shower because if it had been hot he would be a boiled egg. After his great shower he looked in the mirror and saw that his fringe had fallen off. no one ever believed him again.

Flickering Light by Maaike

It was a Saturday night, I was home alone. When the lights started flickering. I was getting scared because I hate the dark. Then it went black. I went to the door, and I hear a noise from outside the door. It sounded like eggs cracking. I was getting hot and sweaty. A wave of worry washed over me. The only way I could contain my feelings was by playing with my fringe. Suddenly I heard a knock at my bedroom door. “Go AWAY!!” I say. I hear a huge bang like a hammer. Oh no, what happened!!


I was in my room and my mom was at the shop and she came back with eggs, two of them were black and scary but i dident think of it at the time so then i went to bed and the next day my fringe washed  but i dint wash it my arm  flickering op and down my body was in pain i  was scared  and happy because i he was going down but the eggs ran to me and hacked and a demon  came out it said bow down to me mortill human i am zo zo the  god .









Annabel by Cameron

Annabel by woke up with her fringe covering her eyes she brushed it away and scurried downstairs hoping her roommates didn’t take the eggs because she wanted to fry then for breakfast. She went downstairs and there was black liquid everywhere she screamed. Her roommates came rushing down in a panic the screamed WHATS WRONG! She replied look at the ground…They stared in disbelief then one of the roommates said…Well I’m not washing this up…Annabel said WHO IS THEN?…The lights started to flicker. All saw a shadow of a man in the kitchen then in front of them.They screamed.

The Drakon — By Sophia

Once there was a boy who’s name was Victor. He was a  foolish boy, who always wanted to meddle with deadly creatures. In his spare time, he’d try to discover the Drakon.

Victor walked through the almost black forest. He tripped up on something. He splayed his palm and a small ball of fire erupted. Light was flickering around the forest floor and small, purple and black eggs were scattered everywhere. He swiped his black fringed coat aside and he bent down, but as soon as he did, a roar echoed around the forest. He’d discovered the Drakon at last…


Anger by Ivie

‘At least you don’t have a fringe that gets in your face every two seconds and covers your face that you can only see black!’ Shouted Orla. The lights started flickering. I was scared, scared that she’ll her cover.

Only a week ago, I found her lying on the street. Alone, and I, well, I took her in. Gave her some food, specifically, eggs. I let her get washed in the bath. Ever since, we became best friends.

I sighed with annoyance. Tears fell from her face, making me feel a bit better.

‘I’m s-sorry, I guess my anger spiked

stuff by Ryan

Hi I dont have a fringe all my friends do they all have black ones one time I smelled like eggs and bacon so I washed my hair over and over again un till the smell was gone then I did bloody Mary and it was fun un till the lights started flickering!!!!!!!!!! I was very scared then i had to go to my  friends house and it was weird then i had to go to school and that wasn’t good because i dont like school because it is really  bad and stuff like that. and i dont like people