Black Eggs By Caelan

On January 15th I was at my friend Pete’s house for a sleepover to do “charlie charlie summon a demon”. It was three AM the devils hour and we repeated “Charlie Charlie are you there?” When we said that three times the lights started flickering and we got so scared and stopped to go to bed. In the morning we had eggs and bacon but I had black eggs and sausages and spilled eggs all over my clothes so Pete’s Mum washed my clothes but she started making fun of my fringe then I started  making fun of her hahaha.


Egg battle by Richmon

The egg of truth lay in the throne of truth. The egg of lies lay in the throne of lies. If the two eggs met the world would be destroyed. The two eggs lay in opposite sides of the world. Friday 13 1999 a person came in to the castle of truth and told the soldiers of truth that the soldiers of doom were going to attack. The soldiers got ready for battle the man was right the soldiers of doom came around 9 pm. The soldiers of doom won they had control over the truth! On Thursday 13 1999 the truth got control.

That awkward moment when you wash your black eggs. By Matthew

Yesterday I washed my black eggs in the washing machine. When a red light started flickering and water started pouring out of the washing machine, I went to get a towel from the bathroom. When I got back, the water was up to my ankles I started wiping the ground but that didn’t work. Now the water was up to my neck, so I went behind the washing machine which was under water and tried to unplug it which didn’t work. When I got back above the water, my fringe was soaked. So I decided to open the door…