The piano outside By karen

I was practicing my violin, I was playing a song called Allegretto by Joseph Haydn. It is a very happy sounding song so it is one of my favourite songs. Anyway, I was half way through the song when I heard the piano part of Allegretto. I thought it was my mum playing our piano for me but it was completely out of tune and our piano was perfectly in tune so it wasn’t our piano. Where was the music coming from? I gently put down my violin and looked outside. Outside there was a old piano on the street…. 

My new house by Ultan

Today my mum and I are moving house. We are moving to County Waterford. The house is really old and I know that because I’ve seen it on Google maps.

We’ve just arrived at the new house. “Wow it’s really old”said mum. It looked different on Google maps. I went inside and checked out all the rooms in the house.

In the first room I went in there was a piano and it was completely out of tune. I tuned it after half an hour. The piano is now my new hobby. I have entered many competitions and won some.

The guitar by Isaac

Lucy and Isaac were doing some guitar stuff. Then Richmon and Ivie came in and gave the guitars a try. But it was completely out of tune. “Um are you ok?” Said Isaac. “Yeah I think I just need to give it a little whack” said Richmon. When he whacked it the guitar flung out of his hands and grew angry looking eyes. Then it started to speak. “How dare you whack me!” Said the guitar. “Time to have a play off”. Richmon grabbed Lucy’s guitar he began to play. Richmon lost and got whacked by the guitar for revenge.

Sing! By Ellie

As Taylor Swift walked up the stage, she started to shake and wobble. “Eight hundred thousand people are here.. Wow” She mumbled into the microphone. I could hear the crowd sighing and mumbling to themselves. I walked over to the karaoke machine and pressed the `play` button. Taylors face started to go pale. She put the microphone up to her mouth and opened her mouth but no noise came out. “GO TAYLOR” I shouted at her, from the side of the stage. She started singing. But it was completely out of tune. The crowd started booing and shouting at her.

Out Of Tune!! By Abigail

It was a cold, winter’s morning. Blossom and her friend Anna were walking to school. They got there quite early and started playing a game of tag. It was great fun. Then the bell rang. Everyone went into their classes. Blossom’s first class was art. Blossom was very good at it as well. Anna’s first class was English. They were learning about grammar. Then it was  lunch. Everyone ate their lunches. Blossom and Anna went to music class. The class were practicing the flute. One guy was completely out of tune. He instantly got embarrassed but they just started again.