My little brother By Nicky

My little brother Eddie is so annoying. He always bugs me. Yesterday I brought him to a guitar lesson. The person in the room before him didn’t have a great tune. Eddie turned around and said  “That was completely out of tune” I said “Alright”. After that I went home watched TV, went to bed and at about 2:00 in the morning he came to my room and said ” He doesn’t know tune”  I said “SHUT UP you little brat”. He  started crying and my parents came in and said “whats going on?” and I replied” I want a house for myself!!!”

the horrid girl by Joshua

my sister found a violin in the garbage she loved it would she not stop playing  it was completely out of tune so i shred it in to shreds with a axes then i put the axes in the woods out side my house the i ran to bed and went to sleep she woke up the next day and slapped me a cross the face and i said why are you slapping me she said you murder i said how am i a murder she said you THREW   an axes in to the woods and it killed some one

The Guitar By Conan

It was a Tuesday afternoon I was having a good day, me and my mum went to the music shop I was buying a guitar, it was a good guitar. That’s what I thought! Anyways… we brought it home I kept hearing weird sounds it was completely out of tune. Then I saw a box open slowly  like in those horror movies Was scared then a tiger teddy Ihad from a baby “Hi Conan im Tiger”  “wh, wh WHAAAA!!!”  “OK calm down…” i was shocked i talked with him for a bit mum had gone out to work.

The flue By Ryan

Once there was a boy called Tim his mum would always sing in the  shower but one  day he didn’t know his mum had a flu and she went to have  a shower and she started to sing. Tim thought to himself, well, it was completely out of tune. His mum went  to the pharmacy to get some medicine for her neck and the next day she had a shower and it was  out of tune. Tim whispered under his breath well she can sing now but Tim got the cold and he couldn’t speak and he was sad.

The Little Beauty by Ivie

I took out my guitar, the little beauty. The brown frame, the six strings ready to be played. I sat down on my stool, positioning into a comfy position.

“Sis, I need you!” My sister screamed. I sighed, putting down my guitar. I hurried out of my room.

Well, I ended up doing my sisters homework.

Finally! Peace, I took out my guitar, sitting on the stool once more.  I closed my eyes, and ran my fingers through the strings. But it was all completely of tune. I grimaced.

“Mom! It’s out of tune!” I shouted, then I sighed sadly.


water by MaTtHeW

Yesterday, I went to the shop to buy some water. On my way to the shop I saw a guitar shop so I went inside and played with the guitars. One of the guitars was completely out of tune, So I left. I went to the other shop to buy the water I needed. The shop was very big so I got lost. It took me about five or six minutes to find the water, so when I got it. I went to pay. The machine I used broke so I went to another one. I paid and left. 

The scam by Cameron Hall.

One morning I arose from my bed it was a breezy summer day, I got dressed. I always wanted a guitar so I thought  I would go to the music shop and get one for myself as a present! I got in my car and drove to the music shop. I parked up and was shocked about how little people were there! I went in and a man greeted me he said ”Ah hello! would you like to buy a guitar?” I said yes and he showed me one I bought it. I played it…It was completely out of tune!