No Biscuits By Senan

OK, Mum and Dad just left the house time to turn on the TV put on watership down (something I watch on netflix) and grab some chocolate biscuits and RELAX!!! I jumped onto the table and opened the cupboard starting my desperate search for the biscuits. I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find them anywhere! Then I saw my worst enemy, my sister! I saw some crumbs around her mouth and she started running. I was so cross that I trashed the house and ran after. I jumped  on her but someone threw me off her. My parents grounded me.

The worst saturday By Karen

Like every saturday  I woke happy and in a good mood ( because we dont have to go to school so we can sleep till ten o’ clock!) I went down stairs to eat my breakfast.  I can smell the delicious pancakes being cooked!  I sat down and waited for the pancakes to be ready.  Soon I wanted to go to the bathroom!

When I came back I realized that sombody had eaten my pancakes!!  Can you guess who it was? It was a snail !! The snail had eaten my pancakes!!  I was so cross that I threw him out the window!!



The Cookie Jar By Abigail!!

It was a lovely Summers day and my sister and I were playing in  our garden. Soon it was lunch time. After wards we jumped on the trampoline and it was so much fun. We got bored so we went inside. My sister said that she was going to get cookies for us in the cookie jar. I went into the living-room and sat down. My sister reached up to get the jar containing the cookies. She grabbed the jar but accidentally dropped it on to the floor. I was so cross with her because that was Mum’s favorite jar.

HOW DARE SHE part2By MyriamAziza!!!

I opened the cubicle and I found my stuff in the toilet, I was so cross that, I could have gone up to her and scream. I was so mad at that moment that I probably could have taken her stuff and thrown them into the toilet and kept flushing it until it was over flowing. But then again she’d probably do something horrific to get revenge on me, so I’m kinda glad I didn’t throw her stuff into the toilet. So, I decided to go up to her and have a chat, but that did not end well…… Seriously.

Include me why don’t you?.. by Zita

This is a rather personal story that has been exaggerated to an extent. Some of you may be able to relate to it in ways, I hope you enjoy.

My mother and her boyfriend were fighting, again. It was the third time this week. My mothers boyfriend and I were super close, like best friends! In fact it was almost like he was my dad, the closest thing I’ve ever had to one at least. One evening when I was at scouts I noticed my mum in the corner and she told me to come. She told me her boyfriend had broken up with her and we had to go. I was so cross that they hadn’t taken me into consideration I wanted to shout! But I knew he would probably be back soon enough..

Fallout, part 1 – By Sophia


Dear Diary,

My friend Mia and I were really good friends until a few days ago. She was always running away from me, saying “AHHHHH, it’s Sophia! RUN!”

In yard today, her and I were all sitting down playing truth or dare with a few others. I asked Mia why she kept running away from me. “What do you mean?” she said. ‘Are you kidding?!’ I thought. I was so cross because she was saying those words! She then counted “1…2…3…run!” and she ran away! The others followed her, while I just sat on the ground. I’m so sad!


Brothers and Sisters by Lucy C

“Sometimes, I’m glad I don’t have  brothers or sisters,” said my friend Jack.  “My Mum always tells me stories of when she was younger,” I was listening to him intently, he was a very good storyteller.  “I still remember the time when she told me the story about her brother. They were playing football outside, when he kicked the ball over the fence!”

Jack’s Mum was in the next room. “I was so cross that he didn’t even get it back!” she said. “Still, he’s a lovely fella now,” “Really Mum?” said Jack. “I wish my sister was like that…”

Go on! By Ellie

“Go on! Use your powers! Hurt me!” the bully said, laughing. “I can’t, I can’t hurt them” I repeated in my brain. “I’m getting bored! All of a sudden it doesn’t work, huh?” She said again, yawning sarcastically. I clenched my fist, feeling a rage come over me. Suddenly she pushed me over. I fell onto the floor and hit my arm. They started to laugh, as they walked away, down the hall. I had enough. That was it. I stood up. I was so cross that I got up, and did something I shouldn’t have done, used my powers.

Oh Borris McNugget… ~ By Lucy S

I’m the biggest trouble-maker in our class. And my biggest enemy was definitely Borris McNugget… We’ve had a prank war going on since first class!

‘Hahaha!’ Borris giggled, while I wiped the cream cheese off my face. I was so cross that I chucked a ‘Peppa Pig’ jigsaw puzzle at his head… He had gotten knocked out… ‘Whoops…’ I muttered, still holding the puzzle. Borris jumped up and knocked over the shelf, pencil case and gave me a stern look. ‘Uh Oh…’ Timmy continued, ‘You’re in trouble!’

I quickly sprinted to the bathroom and locked the door, then gave a small sigh of relief…

ANGER By Ultan

Today was a bad day. It started off with me banging my head off a wall that had fresh paint. The next bad thing was me spilling cereal all over myself. Worst of all everyone was laughing at me while I banged my head and spilt my cereal.

It was Sunday and I had a rugby match on. It was the final match of the cup and if we lose….. I’ll end up boxing someone in the face!!!!

Guess what, we lost!!! I was so cross that I let out a huge scream. Then my teammates started laughing at me.