to much vinegar by Oscar

today I was watching tv after school when my mum told me that we were going to go to get some chips.On the way in the car I was talking about how  I dont like vinegar my mum got bored of me talking about vinegar so she decided to change the subject “but you do like salt dont you” she said “yes but not to much”I said .so when we went into the shop my mum asked for chips when we got them they had vinegar on them. “the vinegar is to sharp I said we never went there again

Sharpest Vinegar Of All By Isaac

It was a peaceful day in Vinegerville and John the Vinegar saw a poster for the sharpest vinegar contest. With a prize of a lifetime supplies of fold up chairs. John entered and sharpens his vinegar with salt! The contest day  came around and hundreds of vinegars entered. John was up against a vinegar named Dave. the judges tasted the vinegar. The vinegar was too sharp for the judges and made them pass out. So the declared a draw. But John wasn’t happy about it so he stole the Chairs and locked himself up in his fridge. For early Hibernation.

Eww! By Ellie

As my mum’s friend set the table, I looked at it and gulped. It looked disgusting! The chips were on the edge of being green with mold! “This looks delicious!” my friend said. “Yeah..” I said, disgusted. “Thanks it took me an hour” My friends mum replied, quite proud of herself. I couldn’t tell whether they were being serious or not. I picked up one of the chips, smelt it, and gagged. Everyone stopped eating and looked at me. I quickly ate the chip, feeling sick. The vinegar was too sharp and it tasted like it was five years old.

noice vinegar by conan

It was a nice day in my house until my mummay told me we are going for a walk on the beach. We got fish ‘n’ chips my mummay asked for lots AND LOTS of vinegar, I hate vinegar it was much too sharp for my tasting. I ate so much I had a chip “REEEEEEE!!!!!!” “BOI THATS DISGUSTANG”. My mum was in shock, she was fuming I calmed down. “i, i, i am sorry” my mum said   me “oh no you are a big OOF A BIG OOF!!!!!!” i walked off sad “i am” “a big oof.

The End

The Cheap Restaurant by Cameron Hall

It was a regular night Katie was making dinner she screamed I ran in, the pot was on fire! I quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher and put it out. She was breathing quite heavily. I asked if she wanted to go to a restaurant Katie replied with yes! We found a nice Indian place it was called spicy foods we walked  in and a man greeted us he gave us a menu and told us to sit! we ordered some pasta! He served us our food it was COVERED in vinegar!! I tasted it and the vinegar was too sharp!!       

Choking MUM!! BY MAAIKE!!

Jamie and Mya are siblings. They spend all there time inside. Jamie and Mya love to prank there mum and dad.

One day, Jamie was watching YouTube with BoB, when  he saw a prank where a kid gave the dad a water bottle full of vinegar. Then the dad thought it was water and drank it. It was very funny. Jamie told his sister and they did the prank the next day.

They gave their mum a nice big mug of vinegar. She took a big gulp. Suddenly she choked on the vinegar . OH NO THE VINEGAR WAS TO SHARP!!!

sharp vinegar by mattthew

Yesterday I had some vinegar. But the vinegar was to sharp so I spat it out and went back to my chips. When I finished them I went outside for an hour or two. Then I came back inside and turned on the TV, I watched it for an hour then I went back outside. I also went to the shop to get some crisps on my way back I dropped two crisps. When I got home I finished my crisps and then turned on my on my Xbox, and played it for a while. then I went to bed.