THE mythical coin By Nicky

I was walking on a pavement and I found a coin. The coin was mythical and was famous in stories. If you twisted it you became invisible. If you didn’t twist it back in twenty minutes you started sinking into the ground and you became a spirit. To undo the spell you have to find a red gem but there’s only one in the world. I only had 24 hours. I had to take it from an evil ladder. I found the gem but the ladder fell but I went through the gap, took the gem and I went up through the ground. I still have the gem today.

Lonely Lodge by Matthew

Yesterday I went to Lonely Lodge. I walked along a light grey pavement and saw a big  wooden tower with a long ladder beside it at the top of a hill. I decided to climb the ladder to see if there was anything up there. At the top of the tower I could see everything, I also saw some red coins. I picked them up and put them in my pocket. Then I  went back down the ladder and  I started sinking into the pavement. I thought that this must have been because I took the coins from the tower.


The well By Ultan

Today I’m going for a walk in the forest with my best friend Karl. He met me at the sweet shop. ” Hi Karl” I said. Karl had brought some coins for the well at the entrance to the forest. We walked on the pavement for a while until we arrived at the well. Karl sat by the well thinking of a wish. He stood up and said ”I’ve got it!” but a gust of wind hit him and blew him down the well! ”Help I’m sinking, grab the red ladder” screamed Karl. I grabbed the red ladder and helped Karl.


One day I was walking on pavement when I tripped over a DVD. I decided to bring it home, I played the DVD and saw a man sinking in red while climbing a ladder. Straight after the DVD ended I got a call saying “SEVEN DAYS TO THROW COINS IN WELL.“  I was scared  not knowing what well the person was talking about. First day I  saw a bird hit against my car window and weird thing was these bird things kept happening. When seven days passed a girl came through my tv screen and almost killed me.

Runaway by Ivie

I stuffed things into my backpack, hot tears were in my eyes.

Don’t think back. They treated you like trash, this is the best thing you can do.

I placed the ladder outside my window. Stepping down, I felt relieved. My foot touched the pavement, I ran fast. I didn’t see a stone and fell over. Red liquid started sinking through my leggings.

After limping to the train station, I took out coins and got a ticket to Gitsfield where I’ll be staying at Griffin’s house. When I arrived, someone shouted my name.

“Hi Griffin,” I said happily.

“Hey Lilah!”

Upside Down! by Lucy C

“Oh, what a gorgeous day!” I said. “Better go for a walk!” I decided to go to the park. As I stepped onto the pavement, my feet started sinking! “Help!” I shouted.

When I made it to the end, I was in a strange place. Everything was red! Then, I saw a building… It was blue! I found some strange coins on the ground, which I had seen before and could buy anything! “Oh, I’m going back to the normal world,” I climbed a ladder to the top. Turns out that underground was upside down, and I stayed that way!!

Remember! By Abigail

It was a cold, wintry morning and Peter was counting all his coins. It took a long time as there were so many. After a while Peter and his Mum went for a walk. Peter fell on the pavement as the path was very slippery. There was red blood everywhere. When they were back home Peter’s Mum started making the dinner. It was yummy. When they had finished Peter went to bed. Peter had an odd dream. He seemed to be walking up a ladder but sinking. When he woke up he couldn’t remember a thing about his weird dream.