V Coins By Conan

I landed Shifty Shifts, for you people who don’t know what Shifty Shifts it is a cool abandoned gold mine in Fortnite Battle Royal is I saw  a “SINKING HOUSE” I  saw a ladder  a red ladder on the pavement to be exact! I climbed up and saw V Coins in the window of the “SINKING HOUSE!!!!???” I got my axe and broke in  the window and got the v coins. I  am so happy because I got loads of new outfits and a new glider and a new axe I was so happy  The End. V – Coins By Conan

The Three Coins by Finlay *O*

I was walking on the pavement when a wizard approached me and gave me three coins which could get me anything! I decided to go home and think about what I wanted with my three coins. On my way home I saw a homeless man, so I used a coin to give him some money, he thanked me for my kindness and I continued my journey to go home. Soon after I saw a woman collecting money for the Panda Campaign, I used my second last coin to give money for the campaign. I finally got home but the door was locked! Out of the corner of my eye I noticed my window was open, so I used my last coin to wish for a ladder, Suddenly! a red ladder came out of the ground, I climbed up to my window and got inside my house, then the ladder started sinking into the ground.

The Sinking Children By Caelan

It was one lovely Sunday morning Rachel has just finished breakfast and now she was going for a walk. When Rachel walked outside she could not believe her eyes she saw children sinking into the pavement. “I better sve them” said Rachel so she threw her red ladder and went to pull them out. After a while she got the kids out “phew” said Rachel.”My coins” said one of the kids so Rachel went back and saved the coins. They all went back inside Rachel’s house and relaxed. Then the kids went home and they were all happy. The End.

the kids in the pavement by Ryan

Once there was a person who wanted to go for a jog and then the pavement started sinking while while kids where on it. She gave these kids a ladder to get out of the really bright red pavement But that did not work. And then she had to get her rescue dog to help but the dog was afraid to jump in to help the kids. But then she put water on it to see if it would stop the pavement from drying and the kids getting stuck. It worked and then the kids got saved by fire men.

The curse of the red coins by Oscar

Once upon a time there was a well in the middle of nowhere . It was a very very special well because It was cursed it was called the curse of the red sinking coins apparently if you throw a coin into the well they turned bright red and then later that day the evil pavement ladder will try to kill you the only way to stop it is to go into the well and try get the coins back the well is very deep you have to hold your breath for four minutes if you dont the ladder kills you.

Coins By Senan

One day my friend coins and I were on our way to thee bank. I was playing with my toy friend. But I couldn’t catch it in time. It fell into some wet cement. “I’ll get your friend back!” Coins shouted but Coins just started sinking. With all the commotion some red paint fell on Coins’s head. I tried to pull him out with a ladder but because my hands were shaking I dropped it onto Coins knocking him out. “The apocalypse has started” shouted a coin. “Its the walking bank notes all over again”. But they were quite wrong, he just woke up μ.

Was It A Dream By Max

Once I was walking on a pavement. when these red coins started sinking through the air. As I went to investigate, I touched one of the sinking red coins… Suddenly I got hit on the back of the head with a big ladder…. I got knocked out….. I woke up, I thought it was just a weird dream but when I got out of bed and went to get dressed I still had a red coin in my hand and a big bump on the back of my head. I went to tell my parents they just smiled at me. 

Bob’s Coins!! By Maaike!!

Bob is boy, and he loves to collect coins. He has a coin from nearly every country in the world .

One day, Bob had his huge sack of coins. When suddenly the sack riped! All the coins rolled into the sea. Bob ran into the water. He started sinking! Bob looked around in panic. Then Bob saw a red ladder leading up to the pavement.

Bob went up the ladder in shock. He climbed up the ladder and crawled on to the pavement. That day Bob lost all the coins he had been collecting for years. Poor Bob!!

As fast as lightning! – By Lucy S

Paul was a painter, he had been for six months, this was a moment he would never forget…

Lalalalala’ Paul sang as he painted the stone wall. When suddenly he heard something clink off of the red ladder. It was his coins! ‘Oh no!’ Paul exclaimed as he looked at the pavement. They were gone! He climbed down slowly to have a closer look…

Paul decided to test this out, he dropped a few more coins, they were sinking! Paul gasped with shock. ‘I’m out of here!’ said Paul as he ran out of the estate as fast as lightning!

The Odd Building By Uisneagh

Tim was sitting in  his kitchen on his red chair . He stood up and walked out the front door and onto  the pavement. Tim came across a building , he walked inside the building and went to the bottom floor via elevator. He walked out onto the bottom floor which was littered  with coins and was very wet . In one area there was a shoe sinking in a puddle and the place smelled awful. Tim turned to go back up but the elevator was broken. Tim looked around for a way out luckily there was a green ladder to get out.