The Parcel!! By Abigail

It was a mild, misty morning and Jennifer was in the kitchen eating her Cornflakes. They were soggy so she didn’t eat much. Not long after Jennifer had to go to school. She got to school just before the bell rang. Jennifer was bored all day long and was so glad when it finished. Jennifer did her homework straight away. Then her Mum called to say that there was  a parcel for her. Jennifer was thrilled. She hastily ran into the kitchen. Her Mum handed her the parcel. Jennifer ripped it open but strangely it was empty. What a surprise!

The Unusual Box… by Lucy C

“Wow!” I said. “What a great deal!” I had seen a mystery box full of goodies that was on sale! Sweets, chocolate and more! “Here is the money,” I said, but when I opened the box, it was empty! What a surprise! I ran back to the shop and asked for my money back. “Have a look at this,” I said. “It’s empty!” Then, the shopkeeper opened the box, and it was full to the brim! I decided that I was wrong, so I went home. When I opened the box again, it was still empty! What is happening today!

The Magic Guy By Isaac B

Josh was a relatively nice guy so he organised a free to enter talent show. The prize was to meet Chris Pratt because they’re good friends. He got many sign ups and declared it would happen tomorrow . There were many amazing talents but none better than the Magic Guy. He first said he had a box that would make anything disappear. He put a banana inside the box and when he opened it again…empty. What a surprise! He did many more amazing tricks. So he won and he met Chris Pratt! He gave an Avengers spoiler that Thanos _____.

HOW DARE SHE!!!By MyriamAziza!!!

I was at school, when, I noticed that my bag felt lighter than usual, I opened my bag and it was empty. What a surprise! “I wonder who that could be?” I said sarcastically, knowing who it was. It was obviously, Madison, the meanest girl in our school. She’s always doing things like that. Well, I guess I should go look for my things. I looked in every possible place she could have hidden my stuff. Eventually, I gave up and went to the bathroom, I closed myself in a stall. You wouldn’t believe what I found behind the door….

My new owner!! By Karen

Hello! My name is Molly and I’m a cute puppy! I lived in a huge house with my very kind owner and my loving mother. I always got enough food to eat and a comfy bed to sleep on but yesterday my owner disappeared and my mother ran away and I was left alone in the house . Soon I was brought to a new home  and that’s how I ended up here! My new owner is a mean and selfish person and I don’t like her. Yesterday my food bowl was empty. I was surprised ! How could she be so mean? 


Proud by Ivie

I was walking to school, it was lashing rain.

When I arrived, I went to my locker and threw my backpack in it. Then, I walked to class.

“Haha! There’s the Lonely Loser!” Ashley said, I was used to it by now. I kept my chin high, not letting her get to me. She gaped at me. I smirked to myself.

After class, I went to my locker to get my lunch. I opened the bag. It was empty. What a surprise!

I instantly knew who it was.

Ashley and her vampires…..

That ruthless, disgusting annoying girl took my lunch!