Get your tickets now! By Ellie

“GET YOUR TICKETS! ONLY EIGHT LEFT!” screamed the salesman, shaking a box with tickets up in the air. I barged through the crowd, eager to get the last tickets. “TWO TICKETS LEFT!!” The man shouted again. ” I NEED THOSE TICKETS” I thought. I was running very fast when suddenly I tripped over someones foot. “WATCH IT!” A lady shouted in my face. “Sorry” I mumbled and got back up. “ONE TICKET LEFT!” The salesman shouted. I ran up to the man, breathless. The man looked at me, looking guilty. The man opened the box and it was.. empty. What a surprise!


So today after school I stayed back to play with my friends. After I came back home I was exhausted after playing tag. I came into the house and went my room to get a cookie from my secrete stash. Empty what a surprise no one can get past my security door (my books). I had some suspicions 1 my brother 2 my other brother. I got my super cool sun glasses and my Nintendo hat and went to find the person who ate my cookies.  I asked my two brothers did they eat my cookies they didn’t  wait I ate it