April fools By Nicky

Two weeks ago I asked my mom when it was going to be Easter and she said”Its next week”. Last week she said Happy Easter and made me go around the house to find an egg but I never bother to check the date or the time but it was actually April fools day. After fifteen minutes I found a massive egg that wasn’t edible, but you were able to open it because it had a lid on top. I looked in and it was empty, what a surprise! Then she put me in the egg and rolled me down a hill!

Empty by Ultan

Oscar had found the treasure. He had defeated all the booby traps and the treasure was in his grasp! ” Yes, finally, I’ve found the treasure!” Oscar exclaimed with pride. The code for the treasure was in his hand. Oscar started to unlock the treasure. The code was very easy. It was “ytpme” It was unlocked! Oscar was trembling with excitement. He opened it but it was…empty. What a surprise! He glanced at the chest, then at the code. Oscar realised that the code backwards was empty! Oscar was extremely confused. Why would someone do this? Oscar walked off in sorrow.

The ugly truth, part 1 — By Sophia


I took a step back, and examined the creative handy-work I finished last week. My name is Eva Gibbs, and I love the cute box I made for ‘Help a friend’ week. In big, black writing, the words ‘HELP BOX’ stood out with the practically blinding yellow box. A few days had passed when I took a peep inside. but it was EMPTY! What a surprise! I had put it in the hall and all, but today was different. I read the first letter, about a boy who thought he was really ugly. My answer, he isn’t.

More tomorrow,

Lyla  🙂