No Pencils? – By Lucy S

School was starting back again… That would mean new school supplies, that was what Annie was doing on this August morning…

‘Lalala’ Annie sung as she dropped a Prit-Stick into her cart. When she thought to herself, ‘Where are the the mechanic pencils?’ Annie started pacing back and forth each aisle, looking for them. When she finally found them next to the pencil cases… ‘Ooo there are pink ones!’ she excitedly squealed. She ran over only to notice they were empty, what a surprise! Annie picked up every colour, not seeing one with lead. ‘WHAT?’ Annie gasped as she stormed off…


One Saturday me and my family wanted to go out to a restaurant for a lovely dinner. We all decided to go to Milanos since it was our faverite place. So we drove to Dundrum.[Where Milanos is]. It was a long journey but at last we made it. When we were there the place was packed, we were very sad because we were looking foward to having dinner. After a while we got so hungry. All the other restaurants were too expensive. We went again to check Milanos. Empty. What a surprise. We didn’t care we just ate the food.

The Search For The Biscuit Tin By Senan

On a regular day in a regular house something regular was going on… I was trying to get some biscuits but I couldn’t seem to find it anywhere! I looked under the couch, in some cupboards and even in my sister’s bedroom ( I usually find it there ) and it wasn’t even there! Then out of the darkness I saw a glimmer. I rushed over to it. There it was… What a beauty I opened it eager to see what Jules were in that tin. Great and empty, what a surprise well my search was well and truly hopeless goodbye everyone. 

Seeing Red By Max

I like ketchup. My Brother likes ketchup . My Mother likes ketchup. My Father likes ketchup.  Even my dog who is named mustard, likes ketchup. So basically, my whole family likes ketchup. Whenever I open the fridge door to make one of my FAMOUS KETCHUP SANDWICHES, empty. What a surprise the ketchup bottle is empty again. COME ON I SHOUT EVERY DAY, AND I MEAN EVERY DAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT. IT ANNOYS ME  SO MUCH but we have found a way to stop this nonsense. It’s really quite simple, everyone gets their own special bottle of ketchup. That’s all folks!

Hungry by Maaike

  1. Hi my name is Maaike, and like all other humans in this world I love to eat!! I eat 3 meals a day with a lot of snacks in between. Sometimes my friends worry about me because I eat so much!! For example: Lucy (my friend) takes 1 biscuit, like normal. While Maaike takes the rest of the packet!!One day, I was out in the shop. I got a whole can of Pringles all to myself! It was only €1.50!! I ripped open the lid and BAM!!! Wait what…the Pringles were EMPTY! What a surprise!! Why me…I love food the most!! WHYYY!!