The Building By Abigail!

It was a hot day and my family and I had just finished moving all our furniture. It was exciting moving but it was bad because I would never see my friends again. My Mom and Dad were happy as well. The next day my Mom asked me to get some bread. I walked out the door and started walking to the shop. Suddenly  something caught my eye. It was an old building but the door was  open so I went inside. It was very gloomy. I went behind a desk but suddenly someone grabbed me and pulled me away.

The invisible church By Karen

My parents and I went  to  Northern Ireland for our  holiday. It was a  long drive until we reached our hotel in Belfast. When I jumped out of the car I found a  church standing in the distance. I asked my parents if we could visit but they said they couldn’t see it even though  it was right in front of them! So we all went back to the hotel to have a nap but I couldn’t sleep. I scrambled out of bed and ran for the church the next moment, I was inside. I looked around, the place was absolutely humongous!!!

Get out of here! By Ellie

I started running as the statue of a lion stood up and smiled at me. “GET AWAY!” I screamed at the statue. As I got into the main place of the museum. I heard the lion roar. I looked around and saw a door. I ran straight to it, but it was locked. Suddenly the lion stomped into the room I was in. I stood still as the lion sniffed around, not knowing I was there. He was growling and roaring. He turned his back to me. “This is my time to run!” I thought. But it was too late..

the candy bar by Oscar

One day I was on a walk in town with my mum. There was lots of people from a protest so my mum held my hand .We passed by an old shop that said candy bar and on the window, it said sweets now five euro. Luckily I had a fiver in my pocket, I let go of my mum’s hand. When I got in I saw that It was really old and  dusty. It was abandoned so I quickly got out of there then I realized that I lost my Mum. Eventually I found her and I told her…

The Monster’s Room By Ultan

This is the story of Dan and Bill who get trapped in “The Monster’s Room!”
“La la la la la” said the two youngsters as they skipped down the street. T’was a fantastic Summer’s day in PattyTown. ” Hey, Dan  what is that scary building across the street?” said Bill with curiosity. They decided to go inside the scary building.
The building was old and dusty. It had a chandelier and a massive stained glass window. Suddenly a cage fell on top of Dan and Bill. Oh no! Then monsters came out of nowhere and said ” Welcome to The Monster’s Room!”


Candy Bar? BY Zita

I walked over to the small candy bar inside the large castle. There was nobody there and it was extremely dusty. In the back of the ‘bar’ I could see a large jar of large yellow and pink sweets. ‘Would you like one?’ asked a guy in a red and yellow pinstripe uniform appearing out of thin air. I said yes and he told me to reach forward. I reached forward and he grabbed my arm and started trying to eat it. ‘AHHHHHH!’ I screamed. The guy couldn’t get through my tough leather jacket to my soft baby skin. He awkwardly moved back up into a standing position and when I blinked he was gone.

Possessed by Ivie

“Miya! Snap out of it!”

She kept coming closer, muttering words.

“Must kill Queenie, must kill Queenie…”

The room was quiet, the air was heavy with mist. I scanned the room for a piece of furniture for self-defense. To my despair, there was nothing. Miya came closer.

I had no choice, shutting my eyes, I let my inner-wolf take over. Bones cracked as I transformed. I growled and howled. She lunged at me. I bit her wrist, blood trickled out of her wrist. The iron taste filling my mouth.

Suddenly, she screamed.

“Queenie stop! Your hurting me!” I loosened my grip.

The Haunted cinema by Cameron Hall

It was an evening like any other, Johnny was doing homework in his room when his friends called him. They said “Hey Johnny wanna go out?” We found a really cool place! Johnny refused as he had homework to do they replied “Oh come on you don’t wanna be boring!” he then said yes as he didn’t want to lose there friendship. They went out to an abandoned building. They opened the wooden old creaky door and walked inside it had a sweet bar and was massive! There was a sign that said cinema outside but they explored anyway…

The Scream!!!!!!!!! By Maaike

Hi, my friends and I love to explore. We go to abandoned places all the time. But one time my friend, Jessica, and I found this abandoned place in the middle of the woods.  We went in! I looked around, it looked like it had been here for about 90 years! I got a little creeped out when I saw a mouse. Jessica and I walked up to this candy bar. Suddenly I hear somebody scream, and trust me this is a scream you never want to hear. I looked at Jessica and we ran for are lives. What was in there??

The mysterious Theater… ~ by Lucy S

For our class trip, our teacher brought us to a cinema to see a movie of our choice. We all had decided on The Lego Movie 2. Our teacher, Ms. Petunia, told us the movie was already too full…

We ended up finding a place we could see the movie, it wasn’t the best though, there was a run-down candy bar, which had the letters falling off the sign. And a very mysterious staircase leading up to a strange, dark room. After a long search, we finally found the movie booth. When we walked in, all we could hear was a loud cry, coming from the seats…