Wrong Colour By Ultan

Today I’m going to look around some shops for a new bike! It’s my birthday in a month and ten days. We’re going to order it today and I’m really excited.

We arrived at Halfords. Dad says that they sell bikes so this is the first stop of five more bike shops.”Hey look at this bike” said Dad. ” I like it, but it is the wrong colour!” I said loudly without knowing. Then everybody started looking at me. “Eh Dad I’m just going to the toilet….in the car for a while” I said. After a while Dad and I left.

The Red Sock… by Finlay

One morning I was washing my white t-shirts for the T-shirt Festival,

later that day (when the t-shirts were finished being cleaned)

I opened my bedroom door and realised my 5 year old sister Rayna was drawing on my clean white t-shirts! “RAYNA NO” I yelled at her, so she stopped drawing on the t-shirts and went to tell mum I was yelling at her. “this is just great” I said sarcastically “now I have to wash my t-shirts all over again, so I put the t-shirts back in the washing machine… so I took the t-shirts back out again but it is the wrong colour!

Moving In by Lucy C

“Hmm, I like that one!” said my sister. She was moving into a new house, but she was taking it way too seriously… “Ooh, I like that one!” She was buying paint, and she chose an ugly swamp green. Oh, how I wish she chose something else!

When we got to her new house, she wanted to get going straight away, but I thought otherwise… “Come on!” she said. So we started, and I almost dropped my brush doing it! After a while, we decided to take a break. She loves it now, but it is the wrong colour! Ha!

My hair! By Cameron

Sally was looking at her hair in the mirror. She  exclaimed crossly “I hate my ginger hair! I want brown hair” The next day she went to a hair salon without telling her mum! She walked in, and waited until a girl told her to sit down in front of the mirror. Sally explained that she wanted it dyed brown. The girl shrugged “Alrighty but i’m new here so I might dye it rainbow colours” She laughed but sally didn’t…After  a while sally looked in the mirror,  it was the wrong colour, in fact there was no colour she was bald!


‘But it’s the wrong goddamn colour!’ Yelled Mr McPickleson as he strode angrily through the hallways smacking every wall with the palm of his hand. ‘Sire I-I’m sorry! I thu- thought you wu- wanted Burgendy!’ stammered his assistant. ‘No! You would have clearly seen in the email I sent you four minutes ago that there was a last minute change of plan and I wanted baby blue!’ Replied Mr McPickleson coming suddenly to a halt. ‘Bu-but Sire! We started painting three hours ago!’ The assistant begged. ‘NOnsEnse! Down to the dungeons IMMEDIATLY!’ Mr McPickleson said with a finish.

Lt. Rainbow by Isaac B

Max was very excited because he was getting a dog today! After school his dad picked him up and they headed to the animal shelter. Their were many animals but one dog particularly stood out. It was a dog. But it was the wrong color! It was completely rainbow and looked amazing! Max decided to adopt him and he named Lt. Rainbow. When they got home Max set everything up for his brand new dog but noticed something. He was gone! Max check everywhere until he found Lt. Rainbow looking at the sky. When all of a sudden. He just vanished.

Colour Blind By Max

I woke up and I got a shirt to mach my trousers but it was the wrong colour. When I got down stairs to drink my Orange juice, it was the wrong colour. When I got outside and looked at my car it was the wrong colour. When I got to work I looked at the buiding it was the wrong colour. I sat down, looked at the screen saver on my laptop it was the wrong colour.  When I got out of work I got back in my car and drove home but my house was the right colour.

Are you serious..? By Ellie

At this point my Dad had spent four months painting and decorating my room. One Friday morning my Dad shouted. “IT’S FINISHED!” My Dad shouted at me. My heart started racing with joy! I ran straight to my new room. My Dad was standing outside the door, smiling his head off. “Are you ready He said quite proud of himself. He opened the door. I was expecting it to be the colour I asked for, lavender, but it was the wrong colour!.. IT WAS BLACK! “What the..” I mumbled. “Do you like it?” My Dad asked, excited for my answer.

The Dress By Abigail

It was a icy, cold morning. My Mum and I were going shopping. I was so excited. It was rather quiet when we got there. We went into my favourite shop. The clothes were beautiful. Suddenly I saw this shimmering purple dress. I instantly fell in love with it. I fingered my hands through them to look for my size but it wasn’t there. I was so upset. My Mum said we could order it online so that’s what we did. A few days later it arrived. I opened it hastily but only to find it is the wrong colour.

Seriously Dad? ~ By Lucy S

My name is Becca, and I love sports! 

It was finally our school sports day, also known as the best day of the school year. We had gotten our sports colors assigned and mine was blue, I was especially happy because I was with all my friends! But, I had no blue shirt… I asked my dad to go get me a blue shirt since he was going out to H&M that day…

A few hours passed by and my dad came home, BUT WITH THE WRONG COLOURED SHIRT! It was a bright pink shirt with flowers on it. UGH, DAD!