Aaaaaaaaaaarrgh~by MyriamAziza!

I was on my laptop, looking for clothes, when I found a lovely, blue, satin dress and thought of my mum, so I clicked on the buy button and ordered it. A few days later there was a knock on the door, I ran down the stairs to find a rather large man standing there, I thanked him as he handed me the package. I closed the door and told my mum I had a present for her. I opened the box to see the dress, but it is the wrong colour!I was disappointed, but my mum liked it anyway.

Ying and Yang by Ivie

I let the power I’ve been building a wall around free. My left hand glowed. But it is the wrong colour, my magic is black, not white.

The white started flowing to Kai, he glowed white.

My power is Yang, not Ying. 

The cuts on him started healing. I take life, not give. My hand stopped glowing. I raised my right hand, it glowed black.  I moved my hand in a swirling motion and his soul was coming out.

While moving my right hand, I raised my left and with both hands, I did a wrapping motion around his soul.

The blue strawberries By Karen

I was sitting in my favourite chair in the kitchen arguing with my mum. I hate fruit so I didn’t  wan’t to eat my strawberries. The argument went on for another five minutes and I lost the fight. I stufed the strawberry into my mouth and angrily went  up stairs!! 

After a while I went down stairs and acted normaly. I walked to the fruit basket to see how many strawberries where left. I suddently froze,the strawberries where blue!!! I called my mum. My mum said it was normal. I said to her angrily ” But it is the wrong colour!!!!”