the giraffe kidddddos by nick

One day i was walking with my mom and i had a random thought it was “What do giraffes taste like they must taste weird,”But then i said “Yo i wonder what giraffe taste like” said Poggo “Yo kid I have a secret giraffe factory bro,” said Rehan  “My dude take me there,” said Poggo  “Yo giraffe taste like salt and the’re also greasy and brown and they sometimes look ,” said Rehan “Man giraffe must look weird,” said Poggo “It looks like a brown blob,” said Rehan “So does it look like a chocolate blob,” said Poggo.

Boooom the end!

Africa by Ryan

“Yo are you in Africa”said ryan                                                                                               “Yes said Finn                                                                                                                                 “Wanna go to the Zoo there is this really greasy giraffe and and its also brown” said Ryan                                                                                                                           “Here is the zoo” said Ryan                                                                                                      “Im gonna go get some melted churros do you wanto come with me” Said ryan                                                                                                                                                      “No im going to go get some salt and carmel ice cream “Said finn                         “Finn Finn where ar you”Said ryan                                                                                          “ARAR”  said finn                                                                                                                          “why ar you a giraffe” said ryan                                                                                             “here take some food” said ryan                                                                                            “ohh ye” said finn                                                                                                                         ” here is your ice cream”said ryan                                                                                          “finn i left for to seconds now your human”said ryan

Bobby’s Ice-Cream by Max

One hot day Bobby the brown giraffe was at the beach. Bobby thought it was super hot, he went to get some ice-cream from across the road. Bobby got scared when he was waiting for the green man when a car flew right passed him “WOAH” said Bobby. Bobby crossed the road and entered teddy’s ice-cream “hello” said Jimmy the owner of the shop “What would you like” said Jimmy “A greasy salt ice-cream please” said Bobby “Coming right up” said Jimmy and gave Bobby the ice-cream. Bobby walked outside to eat his ice-cream but it already melted. THE END


the zoo by conan

I was at the zoo “im soooo hungry” Conan said so he went to the zoo cafe  he ordered chips ” theese chips need salt” said Conan. He ate one but they were so “greasy”  and brown “looking” yuck  he had enough  and went to look at the giraffes  it was almost 26 degreese so  he got an ice cream at the stalls. He bought it and forgot to eat it! By now it had melted “this is so so so annoying” he said so he left the zoo and had a long sleep. Becouse the ice cream melted he had one for reakfast!


Mary’s poor giraffe By Karen

Mary was giving her toy giraffe a “bath”.  Soon her mother came into the bathroom and was terrified!!! ” Where is your  giraffe?” she asked. “Hee  Hee! I am giving it a brown bath !” Said Mary as she put salt into the “bath”. ” Is that my salt?! Stop right now and clean up the mess! Look  how greasy and melted your giraffe is!” said Mary’s mother.” Oops! Sorry! I’ll tide up!” said Mary and poured the mixture onto the floor!” Look what you have done! You are in big trouble Mary! Clean it up NOW!  said Mary’s mother crossly. “Oh, Noooooooo!”

By Uisneagh

I  was working in the cafè and someone came in “Hello,” they said. “Can I have some of your best food please?” she asked so I went into the kitchen and got some already cooked giraffe, the skin still on it . I brought it out and served it to her.  “Umm what is this.                                                                                      “It’s giraffe with a side of brown melted chocolate and white salt,” I replied. “Brown chocolate? Not milk chocolate and white salt!?”  She asked “Yes.” She then tried it and coughed “Is it to greasy?”I asked “No it’s not goodbye”                                                                                                                                           “Wait there’s giraffe juice!” I shouted

Giraffe Network News by Ivie

“Let’s watch some TV!” Bob exclaimed.

“Yeah Bob!” Vanessa replied.

They pressed on the TV.

“Welcome back to Giraffe Network News with, your host, Freya Brown!” The news-reporter said.”Today, we’ll be watching a new experiment. I’ll give the reins to the lead scientist, Jimmy Hawk!”

“Today, you will witness an experiment of radio-active salt and piping-hot lava!” The  scientist said.

The ingredients fell into a brown pot.

“Oh no! It’s turning greasy!” The scientist exclaimed.

{Insert Commercials}

“Breaking News! We have been informed that a boy’s ice-cream has melted, he’s now on a rampage!”

*Show Ends*

“Wow, that was weird…….”

desperate for ice cream by Cameron Hall

Hello! Im Mr.Brown Giraffe. Im soooo hot out here at the beach Im almost melting! I really need a nice cold food or something… “Ice cream ice cream  get your ice cream!” Said a faint voice from across the road. I gasped with excitement and away I ran in the direction that the voice was coming from so fast that I almost got hit by a car! Even though the car beeped it didn’t stop me from getting my ice cream! I got to the stall gasping for air in between gasps I say greasy      ice      cream       with       salt       please!

The magic popcorn by matthew

One day someone was stuck on their one hundred word challenge, so I decided to help them. “what are you doing here Brown Giraffe?” They said. “I am here to help you with your one hundred word challenge,” I said. “Take this magic popcorn, it will help you with your one hundred word challenge,” I said.”I don’t like salted popcorn with melted butter, its too greasy,” they said.”Then why don’t you write about this,” I said.”Okay,” they said. I left and tried to find someone else that was stuck on their one hundred word challenge, there was no one else.









The Giraffe!!!By Abigail

It was a warm, sunny day and I was at the zoo. I went to get an ice-cream but it melted. ” Oh no,” I cried. I went to the giraffe exhibit. ” That’s such a brown giraffe,” I exclaimed. The giraffe was eating green leaves looked greasy. ” Eww,” I said. I went to get some chips but there was too much salt on them. ” Oh no,” I said. After I went to look at the pigs. ” Uggh they’re all so muddy!” I said. I decided to go into the zoo shop. I got a key-ring that had a picture on it.