A lovely surprise!! – By MyriamAziza!!!

                    Christmas morning 1996

i woke up with the sound of bells ringing downstairs, i crept down the stairs clutching ONTO my teddy bear. as i opened the living room door, a bright light shone through, into my eyes. right there on the spot was Santa Claus, i blinked my eyes rapidly to see if i was dreaming, but i wasn’t. he even spoke to me. he said “why, who have we here?” “Myriam” i replied. “what a fine name that is.” i looked around the room, there were a few presents under the tree and Rudolph was enjoying his crunchy carrot.

2 thoughts on “A lovely surprise!! – By MyriamAziza!!!”

  1. I love your story MiriamAziza, I especially liked the part when you saw Rudolph enjoying crunching his carrot. Bye.

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