Africa By Finn

“Yo are you in Africa,”said Ryan.”Yeah”,  said Finn. When Finn and Ryan put down their phones they bumped in to eachother. “Yo”, said Ryan. “Hi”, said Finn.”Wanna go see the greasy giraffe”? Said Ryan.”Naaaaa I’m going to get some brown salt melted ice-cream,”said Finn. Ryan turned around. “YAAAAAAARARARRAR!!!” said Finn.”FIIINNNNSS a giraffe”, said Ryan.”Feed me,”shouted Finn.” Okkkkayyy you don’t need to shout,”shouted Ryan.”Here have my juicy greasy ice-cream!”said Ryan. Thanks bruv your da best,”said Finn. Ryan turned around , then turned back around and Finn was back again. Ryan was very happy to see Finn again. Ryan never turned back again.

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