Africa by Ryan

“Yo are you in Africa”said ryan                                                                                               “Yes said Finn                                                                                                                                 “Wanna go to the Zoo there is this really greasy giraffe and and its also brown” said Ryan                                                                                                                           “Here is the zoo” said Ryan                                                                                                      “Im gonna go get some melted churros do you wanto come with me” Said ryan                                                                                                                                                      “No im going to go get some salt and carmel ice cream “Said finn                         “Finn Finn where ar you”Said ryan                                                                                          “ARAR”  said finn                                                                                                                          “why ar you a giraffe” said ryan                                                                                             “here take some food” said ryan                                                                                            “ohh ye” said finn                                                                                                                         ” here is your ice cream”said ryan                                                                                          “finn i left for to seconds now your human”said ryan

2 thoughts on “Africa by Ryan”

  1. A great idea for the use of the prompt words and well done using all that punctuation Ryan. I think you’re going to have to sort out your spacing though, don’t you? Your writing is rather hard to read being spread out as it is.
    I wonder how it might feel to be transformed into a giraffe. I hope I never find out, although they are soft and graciously gentle, do perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad thing.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

  2. Hi Ryan,
    I like the way your in a zoo in Africa,
    I love salted caramel ice – cream.

    By For Now Danny Mrs Boyce’s Class.

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