Annabel by Cameron

Annabel by woke up with her fringe covering her eyes she brushed it away and scurried downstairs hoping her roommates didn’t take the eggs because she wanted to fry then for breakfast. She went downstairs and there was black liquid everywhere she screamed. Her roommates came rushing down in a panic the screamed WHATS WRONG! She replied look at the ground…They stared in disbelief then one of the roommates said…Well I’m not washing this up…Annabel said WHO IS THEN?…The lights started to flicker. All saw a shadow of a man in the kitchen then in front of them.They screamed.

One thought on “Annabel by Cameron”

  1. Hi, you have certainly created a scary story here. I like how you gently lead the reader into the story. The image of Annabel going to the kitchen in anticipation of cooking the eggs is really good, then you bring in the mystery and it keeps going from there. I like how you have used dialogue too. Well done.

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