Apples, JJ

I’m unable to move as I slowly feel my mind drift back into consciousness. My eyes feel tight and sore as they flutter open. My  whole body aches. I’m sick of this. When will I get out of my mind? He’s trapped me here. I look around me as I groggily sit myself up. There’s that familiar darkness. But there’s something different. A giant teacup, the edge submerged in the ground, seeping out like spilled tea. I hear faint laboured breathing. The Shadow. I could almost hear the blood and saliva dripping from its jagged knife-like  teeth. ‘Run or hide…….?’

One thought on “Apples, JJ”

  1. Very gripping right from the beginning! I want to know more about the story, great opening well done! There is a lot going on in the narrative lots of different avenues to explore with the story!

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