Sisters! Part One- By Sophia

I was watching my little sister Karen, because my mum’s working late. “Now Lyla, you have to watch Karen tonight, you know what a messer she is,” she had said. I watched her until 8:13 because I went on my phone, and suddenly heard a bang like a pot on our floor, the squirt of paint and the shake of salt. I bolted downstairs and heard the doorbell. Mum! She walked in and turned white. “Karen! What is that greasy, brown, melted mess, and is that my expensive salt?!” I turned around to see Karen with Giraffe, half-melted. “Sisters,” I muttered.

Hungry by Maaike

  1. Hi my name is Maaike, and like all other humans in this world I love to eat!! I eat 3 meals a day with a lot of snacks in between. Sometimes my friends worry about me because I eat so much!! For example: Lucy (my friend) takes 1 biscuit, like normal. While Maaike takes the rest of the packet!!One day, I was out in the shop. I got a whole can of Pringles all to myself! It was only €1.50!! I ripped open the lid and BAM!!! Wait what…the Pringles were EMPTY! What a surprise!! Why me…I love food the most!! WHYYY!!


So today after school I stayed back to play with my friends. After I came back home I was exhausted after playing tag. I came into the house and went my room to get a cookie from my secrete stash. Empty what a surprise no one can get past my security door (my books). I had some suspicions 1 my brother 2 my other brother. I got my super cool sun glasses and my Nintendo hat and went to find the person who ate my cookies.  I asked my two brothers did they eat my cookies they didn’t  wait I ate it

Flickering Light by Maaike

It was a Saturday night, I was home alone. When the lights started flickering. I was getting scared because I hate the dark. Then it went black. I went to the door, and I hear a noise from outside the door. It sounded like eggs cracking. I was getting hot and sweaty. A wave of worry washed over me. The only way I could contain my feelings was by playing with my fringe. Suddenly I heard a knock at my bedroom door. “Go AWAY!!” I say. I hear a huge bang like a hammer. Oh no, what happened!!

Annabel by Cameron

Annabel by woke up with her fringe covering her eyes she brushed it away and scurried downstairs hoping her roommates didn’t take the eggs because she wanted to fry then for breakfast. She went downstairs and there was black liquid everywhere she screamed. Her roommates came rushing down in a panic the screamed WHATS WRONG! She replied look at the ground…They stared in disbelief then one of the roommates said…Well I’m not washing this up…Annabel said WHO IS THEN?…The lights started to flicker. All saw a shadow of a man in the kitchen then in front of them.They screamed.