The Circus’ Curse by Lucy S

I loved going to the circus every year, especially with my grandparents. I used to love watching the animals on the rings and the circus people on the tightrope… This year was special, it was the circus’s anniversary. Most people say this day was cursed…


I went in, the show had already begun. There was a lion in the circus ring spinning and twirling… Then things began to become strange.


The man came upon the unicycle. He seemed to be struggling… No expression was on his face, he looked pale, terrified. But the unicycle seemed to be going backwards.

We don’t Live in that World – By Frances

Everybody dislikes things about themselves. Every child, every teacher and every parent finds life tricky sometimes. At the end of the day I’m twelve years old, it’s not like I need to have climbed Mount Everest to be special.

Everyday I think people are judging me for little insecurity I have of myself, I have to remember I’m the biggest critic of myself and most people don’t even realize these things about me. We don’t live in a world where alligators are teal and the sun is mauve.

Everyone is perfect the way they are, including me and you.

The Alligator Ate My Teacher! by Zita

It was a fairly ordinary morning in our classroom when Henry turned up, late as usual only this time with an Alligator! On a leash! Henry was tricky! The alligator soon spotted our very plump teacher Ms.Mauve and started  sliding  towards her! The other children started climbing on top of the desks in fear of being eaten by the big, scary, alligator! Suddenly the alligator stopped. The leash was holding it back! Everyone started cheering when all of a sudden the alligator turned back and bit the leash! It was broken and the alligator could roam free! it turned back towards the teacher. ‘UH OH’

The Myth of the Mauve Alligator by Lucy S

The teacher was telling us a myth about a Mauve coloured alligator that would roam around America’s waterfalls in Ohio. I was so fascinated by the myth. We finished up school and I walked home… I thought to my self. I should look for this creature. I had been walking for ages, until in the distance, I could see a Mauve coloured cylinder. I ran to this thing, I thought I had found the alligator! He climbed the tree, it looked tricky.  His mauve colour brightened my eyes. He had a vicious look. He started to come very near me…

The Climb by Isaac B

Mia the Alligator Teacher was about to begin her climb to the top of Mount Everest. “This is gonna be Tough” Mia said. “But I can make it!”. Mia got all her gear including her  mauve helmet. “We are witnessing the biggest move for Alligator kind!” the news reporter explained to the camera . She was making her way up the mountain she suddenly slipped! Mia struggling for her life to get back on her feet.”come on come on” Mia repeatedly said  while getting back on her feet.  Will Mia be ably to finish the Mount Everest climb? To be continued.

the alligator teacher by Caelan

It was a lovely sunny morning.I was up and ready for another great day for school.Today i was so exited because it was our school tour to the forest.we were just going to have a look for our project and get an idea of what tree we want to an my friends already had an idea of a tree we are going to do. So we wanted to climb a really tricky tree because we are  really good climbers. Except this tree was a mauve coloured tree.So we did and went back to the school.

The Hungry Teacher by Finlay

One day in your average school, Mrs. Hammerhead the tricky teacher who always wore a mauve jacket was sitting in her GIANT water tank resting on a chair. She was also holding her pet fish, who is now in her mouth… sadly he is now climbing up her throat, but forget about all that! Welcome to our lovely school, where we don’t bite our fingers out of fear, the teacher bites them for us, along with the children who don’t behave! But one day Charlie the alligator had enough of all his pupils being eaten, so he ate Mrs. Hammerhead!

The teacher by Sophia

On a lovely Monday evening, a cool breeze rippled through the tree. Mavis O’ Connolly watched the sun set and the sky turn a deep mauve. She was with her daughter, Coco. Coco was very bored, and did not appreciate the quietness or stillness on Orchard Hill. Mavis breathed in and sighed deeply. She thought that nothing could be better than spending a lovely evening with her daughter. Coco, on the other hand, climbed a very tricky tree. Their pet alligator, Hofferson Bane, was at home with Bob, Coco’s dad.

The sun began to set, and Mavis breathed deeper still.

The tricky teacher (by Oscar)

once a upon a time there was a tricky teacher called Bob.He liked to climb ladders actually he was the ladder climbing champion. one day he was about to climb the biggest ladder ever made he put on his ladder climbing suit and put on his sticky shoes and started up the ladder.His face was red from climbing his leg was slipping slowly off the ladder he was half way up when he saw a mauve alligator coming towards the bottom of the ladder it started to eat the bottom of the ladder.He started to climb faster then he fell….

the potato alligator by Uisneagh

Once there was a potato that was an alligator that hated an evil teacher.Then the potato alligator went to climb a tricky mountain. Two hours later he finally  climbed the mountain.The potato came down wearing an ugly mauve jumper.Potato was very happy that he was wearing an ugly jumper I don’t know why though.The next day  Potato was walking through the forest all of a sudden Mr fat broccoli alligator jumped out of the bush next to Potato and went to eat Potato. Sadly Mr fat broccoli alligator did eat Potato. Poor potato died from Mr fat broccoli. The end