marthas big day by matthew

It was the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the Zoo Running Championship. Everyone was pretty excited. It took place in a big building made of bricks. If you won you would get a yellow certificate. However, Martha the gorilla, our heroine was sick. “Maybe the curry last night was a bad idea” she thought to herself. As she lined up against the other five other gorillas. Martha breathed deeply and tried to concentrate on the finish line. Suddenly there was a loud crack from the starter’s pistol it startled Martha “Uh oh”, thought Martha “here comes my curry again!” 

pretty yellow gorilla by Oscar

One day I was walking to school. On the way I saw my friend running as fast as he could “Why are you running?” I asked. He pointed down the road.I looked where he was looking. It was a pretty yellow gorilla I ran as fast as I could I saw my school in the distance the bricks looked like ants because it was so far away I had to find somewhere else to hide. I ran into a shop and hid. I didn’t think I was going to live much longer my heart was drumming in my chest. Oh no!

My big lion heart By Zita

As Dorothy and I walked down the yellow brick road we came across a pretty, even beautiful Gorilla. Her black fur shone in the sun as she swung in the tree we had never seen before. She caught sight of us and gave us a friendly wave, we wove back. My big lion heart desperately wanted to give this furry gorilla a hug but, I decided against it and I could see that Dorothy felt the same way. We ran on down the yellow road towards Emerald city, on and on and on, running till we felt faint.

The Gorillas Are Loose! By Ellie!

As I reached the gorilla exhibit, I saw that the gorillas weren’t there. “They’re probably outside,” I thought. I walked over to the fence and saw that they weren’t there. “I’ll just walk around, they’re probably on the other side, as a pile of bricks were in the way of my view.  They weren’t there! Now, like everybody else, I was freaking out!!

Suddenly I felt a breeze pass me. I turned around just in time to see a bunch of pretty gorillas all running around,  for some reason they were all wearing yellow bows. “See ya suckers!” They all said.

the cottage by Uisneagh

Hi I am going to tell you a story about me. So I was running down to this creepy old place where my friends were going to meet me. When I was there there were lots of bricks but one brick caught my attention, it was a silver colour and had marks like gorilla scratches. I was thinking, definitely not a pretty gorilla. So I went walking around the cottage, found the entrance and went in. My friends were not there……… What do I do now? I ask myself. I decided that I should head home.                                                                                     The End

The Yellow Gorilla By Richmon S

My family and I were going to the circus, I was imagining what was going to happen in the circus. Then I saw the sign, it had a picture of a yellow gorilla. I was a bit confused because a yellow gorilla- seriously. We arrived at the circus I was very exited to see a yellow gorilla. I walked in, the circus was crowded and it was a huge circus. After the circus I spotted the gorilla with a bag it went towards my estate. It broke in to the house and got caught because that was the policeman’s house.

Gorilla Rampage by Lucy C

I heard the pretty girl screaming from her seventh story window, as the unknown object climbed higher up the building. As I turned on my television, it soon became clear that a gorilla was scaling the apartment block. Yellow bricks were tumbling down the sides, as people began running away.

I decided to go out and see in person what was happening. Helicopters circling the building, the gorilla became angrier and angrier. It had escaped from the zoo and rampaged through the city destroying everything. As the noise became louder, I packed up and left, worried for my well being.

Little Miss Boutique, more like Little Miss Gorilla by Myriam

There once was a gorilla called Yellow,because she always wore a yellow bow and a yellow dress.Every morning she would look in the mirror,fix her bow and compliment herself by saying how pretty she was.Usually she would walk to school every morning with her friend Milo,but today Milo wasn’t at her usual spot,she was nowhere to be seen,Yellow started looking for her dear friend but couldn’t find her.”Oh no!”exclaimed Yellow looking at her watch,she spent so much time looking for her friend,school was going to start.Yellow started running she was just about to turn left when,she fell over some bricks.




My very first circus !!! By karen

I ate my breakfast as fast as I can and rushed into my dad’s car .  We were  going to the circus! I was sooo excited because it was my very first circus . When we got there the circus was full of people , and it was running late .  We got a huge box of popcorn while we where waiting for it to start .  The big curtains  finally opened  and a yellow gorilla jumped out and started throwing small fake bricks at the audience !! That was my favorite part of the circus . I even caught a  brick from my seat !!!!   

One Thing after The Other by Ivie Tang

I was running down the yellow road, it was made out of bricks and it reminded me of the Yellow Brick Road from The Wizard of Oz. The vibration of the Gorilla stomping its feet on the road- If you were me, you would be pretty scared, enough to trigger an anxiety attack.

I tripped over a twig, my ankle twisted. I immediately got up and ran, I was pretty limp so it ended up with me speed walking. The Gorilla must have found someone else and it wasn’t chasing me. I was relieved, and I began treating my ankle.