Bang! Crash! by Lana

Bang! Crash! They were falling from the sky, trapping innocent people. Know one knew where they were coming from, but they were trouble. “Amy, where are you? I’m scared, i’m trapped under a giant teacup!” “Emily is that that you, thank god I…….. AAAHHH!” A huge thump shook  the land and before Emily could turn around something grabbed her. ” Help me Amy, don’t let it take meee!”I shouted at the top of my voice. It was an old rotten giant that took me. It grinned a horrible grin, braced itself and all of a sudden leapt high into the clouds.

One thought on “Bang! Crash! by Lana”

  1. Well done Lana! It’s has a nice BFG feel! I hope the big guy is a good giant!!! Just watch your homophones, that’s when a word sounds the same but has a different meaning and is spelt differently like you have “Know one knew” but I think it should be No one knew. Keep it it I love your imagination!

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