Bobby’s Ice-Cream by Max

One hot day Bobby the brown giraffe was at the beach. Bobby thought it was super hot, he went to get some ice-cream from across the road. Bobby got scared when he was waiting for the green man when a car flew right passed him “WOAH” said Bobby. Bobby crossed the road and entered teddy’s ice-cream “hello” said Jimmy the owner of the shop “What would you like” said Jimmy “A greasy salt ice-cream please” said Bobby “Coming right up” said Jimmy and gave Bobby the ice-cream. Bobby walked outside to eat his ice-cream but it already melted. THE END


4 thoughts on “Bobby’s Ice-Cream by Max”

  1. Hi Max,
    I like the way the Giraffe is going to get some ice – cream because it’s so hot,
    All his hard work to get an ice – cream and then it melts.

    By For Now Danny Mrs Boyce’s Class.

  2. HI Max
    I would sad that if I waited that long to get an ice cream and then it melted
    also why is bobby a ,brown giraffe, I would sure want to see one of those
    Kanturk Co.Cork
    Mrs boyce’s class

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