By Uisneagh

I  was working in the cafè and someone came in “Hello,” they said. “Can I have some of your best food please?” she asked so I went into the kitchen and got some already cooked giraffe, the skin still on it . I brought it out and served it to her.  “Umm what is this.                                                                                      “It’s giraffe with a side of brown melted chocolate and white salt,” I replied. “Brown chocolate? Not milk chocolate and white salt!?”  She asked “Yes.” She then tried it and coughed “Is it to greasy?”I asked “No it’s not goodbye”                                                                                                                                           “Wait there’s giraffe juice!” I shouted

One thought on “By Uisneagh”

  1. Hi Uisneagh,
    I wonder where you got this idea from?
    Why giraffe juice and how would you make it?
    Goodbye from Szymon,
    Mrs Boyce’s Class.

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