Chandelier Boy By Ellie!

“Look mum! Look at those radios!” I said, as i pointed to a stack of radios. “RTÈ is filled with them Jonathan, so shhh!” My mum replied.

We walked around RTÈ for a while, looking at all the rooms and chandeliers. As i had counted the last chandelier, equaling to there being 234 chandeliers, shouted “WOW! 234 chandeliers! That’s more than our rent!” Silence.

Suddenly 4 or 5 men stepped out of the small cramped room and headed towards me. “How does it feel to be the chandelier boy?” One asked, holding a microphone up to my face. … we seemed to be on televison.

2 thoughts on “Chandelier Boy By Ellie!”

  1. Your story is really funny, Ellie!
    I liked the part where you were like, “More than our rent!” Silence.
    I found that funny!
    – Lucy S

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