Chess by Isaac

Isaac (the author) was walking with his friends Lucy, Richmon and Ivie when Isaac seeing a squirrel ran into the bushes to chase after it. Isaac discovers strange statues and runs to his friends to tell them about it. Lucy is a bit sceptical but they ran into the bushes to inspect the statues. They were pretty cool until a giant chess board appeared. “Run!” said Isaac and he ran to the edge and fell over into the bushes. “Do you know how to play giant chess?” said Ivie. “Nope!” Said Richmon. “Cool we’re leaving” said Lucy. The End!

3 thoughts on “Chess by Isaac”

  1. Great job! I love how you compared this colorful army to the Chinese Soldiers. I hope that you win! Keep up that great work of yours. I think you have an one hundred percent chance of winning!

  2. Here’s a fun fact, I don’t know how to play chess! I really like your story (not because I’m in it;)) but because the way you used the prompt into a, how do you say it? Right, affectively.
    P.S, English is weird.

  3. LOL, that’s hilarious Isaac! (omg, i finally spelt your name right! 😉 )
    I love the way you used detail and humor at the same time!

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