Christmas Memories! By Abigail

It was sixteen days until Christmas. Chloe was lying down on the sofa with her children, watching a Christmas movie. Chloe kept glancing back at her tree with all the blue, purple, gold,silver, bobles. There was lots of presents under the wonderful tree, mistletoe was hanging outside. All of this stuff was reminding her about her childhood. Memories kept floating around in her mind. Chloe never liked Christmas as a child as her parents were always so busy and never got into the Christmas spirit. She didn’t want this to happen to her children, she wanted them to enjoy Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Memories! By Abigail”

  1. Good old Chloe wanting her children to be festive. That story was very eye catching.
    please come check out my story and tell me your ideas about it.

  2. Hi Abigail, I love your story I especially liked when you used the term “floating” instead of coming or something like that. I think your story was unique and interesting. Keep up the brilliant work! Bye

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