Crimson – Rebecca

”Crimson” Indigo shouts. ”Come look at this!” I slowly walk towards her, wondering why she needs me. When I reach her I see it, a misty dark fog descending over the woods. ”What is that?” I say.  ”I don’t know…” Indigo answers with a grave expression on her face. ”Whatever it is though, we need to warn Blue.”

”Blue…” I whisper, the words taste like sweet honey on my tongue. ”We need to find him!” I frantically yell, screaming at Indigo. ”I need him, you need him…” I whisper, my words echoing in the darkness. ”I miss him…” I mumble.

One thought on “Crimson – Rebecca”

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    I enjoyed reading your story it was nice I really like how you used quotes every time someone talks and mostly I liked how you wrote it in red and also did you know the font that you used was created from our class and when we created the font we got chosen so, then thats why they posted our font and I hope you liked our font also I wrote about someone walking in the woods and I think you story was great maybe what you can improve on next time use more juicy words but what I really liked is you did two paragraphs and used quotes and you should check out my story and some parts did not make sence but I still think your story is the best of all!!!
    join my blog!!!!

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