Cup Mystery! By Rowan

Suddenly I heard a bang. There was a massive tea-cup in the ground! ‘What!’ asked Kai. Why is there is a massive tea-cup in the ground.”How did it get here,” said Kai. “I dont’t know,” said Kim. “Well let’s stay away from it we don’t know what it is,” said Kai. “No,” said Kim,”let’s investigate”. “Ok,” said Kai. “First things first we got to find who own’s it” said Kim. .”Well it can’t be anyone around here we are all to small for the cup”. “Fair point said Kim”. “So who’s can it possibly be who’s who’s is it”!

One thought on “Cup Mystery! By Rowan”

  1. Well done Rowan! So what’s going to happen!!! A lot of chatting between the characters and I’d love to know where you might go with the story!!!!

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