First Christmas EVER!! By Maaike

I remember my first Christmas, it was amazing!! With all the decorations and joy, it was just magical. I can remember seeing the Christmas tree all lit up. I loved it.

On Christmas day I remember seeing all the presents under the Christmas tree. But one really stood out. It was an orangey colour with yellow polka dots. It was shining and it was beautiful.

That year I got 3 Barbie dolls and a Barbie house. I thought I would have these for ever. But it turned out that I had them for a year or two before the dog chewed the dolls heads off.

One thought on “First Christmas EVER!! By Maaike”

  1. Although I can’t remember my ‘first’ Christmas Maaike (it was a long time ago for me!), your post prompted me to think of some of the wonderfully enjoyable things which came round every year. And some of the funny things that also sometimes happened! Looks like your dog got his/her Christmas present a little later than everyone else 😉
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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