Flanders Field, Ellie!

I walked through the crimson poppies. It was a beautiful place, though terrible things had happened there. Poor soldiers who had given their lives to save their country. I could imagine the rows upon rows of grave, terrified faces, frantically fighting through a misty veil of pain and sorrow. So terrible to have orders shouted from all sides. I heard larks singing in the trees and thought, as I saw the chorusing birds high in the sky; ‘How could these horrible things have happened in a place so pretty?’ I watched as the petals flew, like blood, through the air…


5 thoughts on “Flanders Field, Ellie!”

  1. Hi Ellie! You did really well using descriptive words and I could visualize all this happening. Did you know that my class made the prompt for this week, and I think you did a great job using it.Your writing was great, but a thing you could work on to make your stories better is NTSSWTSW (no two sentences start with the same word). Keep up the great work.
    -Megan in Illinois

  2. Hi Ellie,
    Great story! It was very respectful to the soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom during WW1. You used a very good simile at the end “like blood”. Not only was it effective in describing the appearance of the poppy petals, the connotations of blood in this context i.e. war and suffering was an interesting juxtaposition with the gentleness of a flower. This contrast is very similar to the one the voice of the story just made in the line immediately before ‘How could these horrible things have happened in a place so pretty?’. Very clever, well done. Keep up the good work.
    Michael (Team 100wc), Warwick, UK

  3. WOW is all I can really say this story is absalotly fabulous . I’d love to get to know why they were defending our country was this in 1916 or World War 1 or 2 ???

  4. Very good story. Excellent Job. I love the way you used all the descriptive words and you used lots of verbs. Well Done. Good Luck Next Week

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