Get your tickets now! By Ellie

“GET YOUR TICKETS! ONLY EIGHT LEFT!” screamed the salesman, shaking a box with tickets up in the air. I barged through the crowd, eager to get the last tickets. “TWO TICKETS LEFT!!” The man shouted again. ” I NEED THOSE TICKETS” I thought. I was running very fast when suddenly I tripped over someones foot. “WATCH IT!” A lady shouted in my face. “Sorry” I mumbled and got back up. “ONE TICKET LEFT!” The salesman shouted. I ran up to the man, breathless. The man looked at me, looking guilty. The man opened the box and it was.. empty. What a surprise!

One thought on “Get your tickets now! By Ellie”

  1. Ellie, I really enjoyed reading this, I could picture you dashing and racing to make your way to the man to get tickets. Well done on your idea to make good use of the prompt, it was very readable!
    Keep up the great work Ellie,


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