hi? by Uisneagh

Oh you’re reading this. Read something else, this is pointless. Go away. Goodbye… GO AWAY!!!!  Fine if you insist . Hi my name is Bob, why do I tell you this??? I just do O.K.  Anyways  I was going to the shops to buy some fantastical loaded-with-sugar-sweets.  I went to the shop and heard someone singing the song that was playing in the background but it was completely out of  tune of the person so I pointed that out to them but they looked at me and said “I don’t care,who are you anyways?”  “I’m Weird, you are  ? “I am Annoying”

One thought on “hi? by Uisneagh”

  1. Kia ora Uisneagh. This is a great use of the prompt this week, and a very entertaining piece of writing! I like your idea of ‘fantastical loaded-with-sugar sweets’! Well done, keep up the great story telling Uisneagh.

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