HOW DARE SHE!!!By MyriamAziza!!!

I was at school, when, I noticed that my bag felt lighter than usual, I opened my bag and it was empty. What a surprise! “I wonder who that could be?” I said sarcastically, knowing who it was. It was obviously, Madison, the meanest girl in our school. She’s always doing things like that. Well, I guess I should go look for my things. I looked in every possible place she could have hidden my stuff. Eventually, I gave up and went to the bathroom, I closed myself in a stall. You wouldn’t believe what I found behind the door….

2 thoughts on “HOW DARE SHE!!!By MyriamAziza!!!”

  1. Wow! It is such a great paragraph. I really felt as though I was there – it had like so many great details (and you fit them nicely into a hundred words!) Good job! Keep writing.


  2. Myriam, this is an excellent piece of writing! I really like your use of language- your word choice is excellent. I like the way you ended on a cliffhanger- what did that nasty Madison do?

    Keep up the excellent work,


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