In Awe… by Lucy C

The Harbour, opera house and the sandy beaches. Sydney really was the best place in the world. We had done everything that people would have assumed. But then, out of nowhere, these people dressed in rainbow colours came towards us. The palm trees swaying in the wind, we were in awe at how perfect and amazing they were. I didn’t know what they were or who they were, but none of us really cared. We decided to go to our hotel, as our legs hurt for standing for too long. Then, all of a sudden, they disappeared into thin air…

2 thoughts on “In Awe… by Lucy C”

  1. Great job! I love how you compared this colorful army to the Chinese Soldiers. I hope that you win! Keep up that great work of yours. I think you have an one hundred percent chance of winning!

  2. WOW Lucy! What a cliff-hanger!
    That’s a really good story there, so keep up the good work.

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