Is it over…..? by Cait

It was over . I was surrounded. My life was at an end. The raptors were closing in. The thought of never seeing Jake again crossed my mind. I couldn’t hold back my tear. I could hear the growl of the raptors. I thought if I ran they’d  get me.  As  I thought I was a goner, I heard a ginormous ROAR. It was hopeless though. the next thing I saw was a shiny ,tiny, yellow Compsognathus chirping. It hopped out of the bushes. I grimaced as I heard   “Crunch”. I noticed  someone in a tree strangely  familiar, it was Jake.

8 thoughts on “Is it over…..? by Cait”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your story, especially with the suspense that you created as the raptors closed in. I would love to know what happened next.

  2. That was so amazing!
    I love how you pulled your love of Dinosaurs and your brother into the story!
    If only I knew what happened next???
    That’s a book I’d read!
    -Frances <333

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