Karma By Ellie

“GO, GO, GO!” cheered the parents of Jim. Jim had done twenty four miles, and he was certain he was going to win. “Oh this marathon is a piece of cake,” Jim boasted to the person beside him. “We’ll see about that” The man replied. Jim chuckled.

Jim had done twenty five miles now and he was feeling very confident, when suddenly…

He seemed to be exhausted. He started coughing and gagging. “MY ASTHMA!” He thought. Jim stopped and the track started to spin around and around. Jim’s head started to get really dizzy. Suddenly he fell to the floor, unconscious.

2 thoughts on “Karma By Ellie”

  1. Yes Ellie, your story is really good and had a surprise twist to it. As I was reading I didn’t expect what happened. Great job!

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