Lunch Time! – by Lucy C

“I’m starving!” shouted my brother. “Mum said that we can have lunch in ten minutes!” I said. I was sick of explaining everything to my little brother, Harvey. Our Mum was gone for just one hour, and Harvey was already getting bored! I decided to make him lunch, his favourite ham sandwich. Suddenly, a loud crash and a bang made us jump. A camera and a cast of cameramen entered the room. This might seem strange, but we seemed to be on the television! I quickly took out the pots and pans to cook something up. Disaster was upon us…

2 thoughts on “Lunch Time! – by Lucy C”

  1. Hi Lucy,
    Excellent story! I’ve never had a little brother but I can relate to having an annoying sibling. I liked the twist at the end- why did the cameramen enter the room? Were they filming some sort of reality television programme? Well done. Keep up the good work.
    Michael (Team 100wc), Coventry, UK

  2. This is so retalable for me! Having explain everything to my little brother is SO annoying! The quick change of the ‘annoying brother fiasco’ then to ‘we’re celebrities now?’ really makes you excited! Great work ! #SoRelatable-Ivie

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