Meallan’s 100wc

Another one of those boring days where your boring parents watch boring news, returning from the bathroom to the living room I heard  news that was definitely not boring. “NASA space centre report a giant, china tea cup is soaring through the air”. Without hesitation I tried to rush outside. There seemed to be something blocking the door. Diving out the kitchen window I discovered not only a giant tea cup but minuscule people with ginormous top hats. Shuffling over, unsure whether to be scared or bewildered. The tiniest man hit the big red button that should never be hit…..

One thought on “Meallan’s 100wc”

  1. 😂😂 I love the opening Meallan!!! Great story just keep an eye on the story line it ran away a little bit towards the end maybe a little rushed but it’s got lots of potential well done!! Still laughing st the opening!!! 😂😂

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