My phone addiction By Nicky

My mom said that she was going to take my phone away if I used it too long  because I am addicted.The next morning she went down stairs so I started watching Youtube. Then I realised  that I stayed on my phone for 4 hours.I went to have breakfast and stayed on my phone for another 2 and in the evening for 3 hours. Then my mom walked into my room and said  “You have been on your phone for 9 hours and dad said he heard you this morning”. I was so cross that I threw my phone at her and she grounded me.

One thought on “My phone addiction By Nicky”

  1. Well done, good story and spot on use of the prompt! This is reality for many. My grandson not only has a cell but an iPad at his house and a tablet at mine. He watches and plays games on all of them, however; I make him take ‘brain breaks’ that are breaks from his electronics so he does something else!

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