name Hannah

A lone grave lays Surrounded by mist. While the three men faces covered by there crimson hoods crowd the the grave stone. Then one of men shouted “LET THE CEREMONY BEGIN.” They stated to frantically mutter a spell and something started to rumble underground the grave stone flung out of its place, the ground started break. soon you could see the out line of a coffin. The coffin slowly opened to revel a man. It wasn’t really man it was an dead  man. His skin was starting to rot and his jaw was falling off. all the hooded men smiled


One thought on “name Hannah”

  1. Hello Hannah, your story took me by surprise. I was not expecting someone to come out of the grave. Even when you the man shouted, “let the ceremony begin”, I just thought it was going to be a memorial service or something. I did, however, wondered why he would shout it out. You then made it clear by using words such as “frantically” and “rumble”. Your description is gruesome and you leave the reader guessing when the hooded men smiled. I think you will have to write another 100 words so we find out what they were smiling about. Well done.

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