No Biscuits By Senan

OK, Mum and Dad just left the house time to turn on the TV put on watership down (something I watch on netflix) and grab some chocolate biscuits and RELAX!!! I jumped onto the table and opened the cupboard starting my desperate search for the biscuits. I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find them anywhere! Then I saw my worst enemy, my sister! I saw some crumbs around her mouth and she started running. I was so cross that I trashed the house and ran after. I jumpedĀ  on her but someone threw me off her. My parents grounded me.

One thought on “No Biscuits By Senan”

  1. Hi Senan, I like how the story is about something that happens a lot with siblings. Are school has a running program. I my self have 2 sisters and 2 step sister all of them are older them me. I really reallly hate when they eat my food. Do you have siblings.

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